Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm baaaaack

Seven and a half months is a perfect amount of time in between blog posts, right?  Even the website I use to publish posts has changed dramatically.  This is the part where I am suppose to say how busy I've been and how hectic life is.  And yes, it is.  But I'm also really trying to narrow things down to what really matters and is important to me.  I love writing, but I've really focused even more on school. And believe it or not, it's paid off!  I've been getting my prerequisites done & doing well in them!  I'm focusing even more on the important relationships in my life.  Also, I'm focusing on really talking to God everyday, praying to Him, putting my faith in Him and trying to listen to His daily.  It's definitely not easy.  It's like exercising or doing a have to practice and stretch your muscles.

Two God size things are happening in my life.  They're big praise reports!  First, I am making plans to go back to India!!!  Oh, how I've missed India & Harvest India so much.  I've been working a lot with the medical missions team at my church, and they are all in with the idea of taking the first medical team for our church to India.  It will also be the first medical trip Harvest India has ever had visit.  We are in the stages of planning the parts of the trip and deciding who would be best fit to be on the team.  So big and exciting though, because I've been waiting on this for two years and it seems that God would have this trip happen in the near future.

The second exciting thing going on has to do with school.  I'm so close to being completely finished with the prerequisites for the Entry Level Masters of Science in Nursing program.  So close in fact, that I decided to apply to take a combined Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry class at the graduate school I want to get into so that I could finish at the end of the Fall semester.  That way I would be able to have all my requirements done to apply for the 2013 grad program (and hopefully get in)!  It's been sort of a rollercoaster of events because I knew that I didn't have many more classes to take, but I was under the impression that I have more time.  That however isn't the case if I want to apply to start graduate school as soon as possible.  And about two weeks ago, I was attending an informational meeting for the program and got this big "oh crap, I gotta be moving even faster!" kick in the butt.  So, if y'all could be praying for these things.  And I'll definitely come back and give you an update in a week and a half or two to let you know how the nursing school acceptance is going!