Sunday, April 28, 2013

A late night post: Focusing on what is present & what is good

Lately, I have been in a very interesting spot.  I am feeling more & more convicted about certain things that God is working on in my life.  And I have also felt this sense lately to write.  Instead of blogging to do so, I have been journaling.  Seems to be a way to seek God more intentionally and go deeper into matters of my heart.

I've been in a funny spot too where I really have a longing for community...along with having a good amount more free time in my schedule.  To be honest, it is definite not very easy.  Disappointing in fact.  I've made attempts to connect with people I care about, all with unmet promises.  However, there are people that reciprocate the desire to connect and maintain a friendship.  And I choose to focus in those.  I have been able to have a good conversation with a wise person in my life who has given me some great advice about seeking community.  It will mean being open and vulnerable; it is always times where you are stretched, have to go outside of your own abilities and step out in faith where God can really be at work and do something quite beautiful and change things around in ways you just couldn't plan on your own :-)