Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Absent, but here...

Hey all. I'm here in India and I have a free second. Right now the best way to read what I've been doing is is going to Everything is going well! Will have my own update soon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good thing my parents don't read this blog :)

This Christmas I came up with the idea (yes, it was my idea, not to toot my own horn or anything) to get my parents professional photos of me and my siblings. My friend is a stellar photographer and agreed (so generously) to take our pictures this past weekend. We all got along, had fun and are really really excited about these pictures! And, right now I can only share them on my blog because my mom & dad don't really read my blog too much (and it's only 2 days before we're going to show them the pictures). Here are just a few! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little less than 4 days away!

Here are some things going on...some good things
  • I am in full force India mode...finally. I got my (huge) luggage out of the garage along w/ my sari's and punjabbies and getting set to go!
  • Yesterday I got fitted for my bridesmaid dress for Lauren's wedding and we ordered the dressed. They're very cute (and getting into one has made me want to loose weight)
  • I feel like I've been going a little crazy still like a chicken w/ its head cut off; but I'm not feeling like that too much lately, and I'm holding on and am so close to the finish line. It really is hard to tie up loose ends and get everything done when you're going to a foreign country for 2 weeks. :)
  • Yesterday, some people from the team got together and prayed over a lot of aspects about the trip and specific prayer requests from each member of the team. It was so great to be in prayer together
  • I am so excited about this trip!...with the last thing mentioned, I was sick and am feeling better (thanks to prayer and the Lord!)
  • I got the most recent update about an hour and a half ago and I am now at 68% done! Woo hoo!
  • I'm excited to see family for Christmas! It'll be awesome
  • The British Airways strike isn't happening! Woo hoo!
  • I've really been in the Christmas spirit (something that's a big step for me in the past years!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

A lot of happenings happening...12 more wait, maybe only 11 more days!

There are suppose to be 12 more days!!!! 12 more days! I can't believe it! In 12 days I should be all packed, and getting on a plane for a 2 week trip to India! It's definitely a cool feeling because I've been reminded in the last two weeks about where I was this time last year and how I (and the team I was suppose to go on) learned that our trip was being postponed until an unknown date. I say there are suppose to be 12 more days, because the funny thing is that there's a little kink in our plans right now, but something that is actually being worked out. We actually got news today that our airline (British Airways) are planning a strike from Christmas until New Years. Perfect timing, right? It looks like our travel agent is able to book us a new flight with a different airline if that happens...however, British Airways will only allow to transfer flights if the flight is cancelled, which we won't know ahead of hopefully it won't be difficult to find 32 seats on a flight to India if all of this does happen. The cool thing is that if we do change our flights we'd get to spend two extra days in India! That would be awesome! If you all could be praying about this for us and for provision and peace and God's perfect hand in all of this.
In other happenings...I've been feeling a little bit not entirely myself lately. I use to get weird hot flashes (because of my lack of hormones---but that's another Oprah...or blog post I guess) and they've happened a few weeks ago (and lasted about 2 weeks)...and yesterday at the team meeting I got teary eyed at two different points (they were emotional points, but still, I am not a teary eyed and emotional type of girl). And for some reason, the thought of dating and marriage has been on my mind a lot and I am usually strong in that area. It's been neat to have talks with friends about the subject though, and be encouraged and have a lot of great single (girl)friends! I love you all! It is truly a desire of my heart to be married, and I am still not getting worked up about it and making it my life aspiration to be a wife, and I know that God has this amazing amazing (so amazing it needs 2 amazings) for my life. But for some reason the subject has been on my mind a lot and a desire to be dating/married. I am a firm believer that being a wife or any of the things that come along with marriage do not make you any more of a woman than someone not married. Marriage is something that I hold important value in, because it is a gift God has given us, but I want it to be right and for the right reasons. So, I am living, learning, growing and maturing as a single woman, and maybe someday God will bless me with a husband who he has made for me. That's the end of my ranting. Anyway, that's what's been happening. Thanks y'all for reading my blog...I love it when you comment :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Too funny not to share

I had a crazy busy day babysitting yesterday, but I am so blessed that I have work. :) And some funny things came out of it...more funny kid stories/sayings
  • Long story, but I was driving back to central Orange County from San Clemente because while I was babysitting I was shuttling kids around. I had a 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl (siblings) in my car. There wasn't a lot of gas in the car and we were just heading home. I was gonna get off at the very next exit to get some when the 3 yr old goes "Brittani, I have to go potty really bad...I'm gonna pee my pants". So I "okay, we're going to the gas station right now. Can you hold it for 1 more minute? Don't go potty yet" and think to myself "well, I guess this is where we're gonna get gas afterall"---and I know, I know...a gas station bathroom; but hey, it's a 3 yr old girl with a small bladder and it's San Clemente. How bad can the bathrooms be? Anyway, we get off the exit & there's a gas station literally right there. We go inside the convenience store and the bathroom is inside of it. Just one stall...we all fit in and while the 3 yr old's going to the bathroom the 5 yr old boy goes "Brittani, I saw lots of candy out there...(pause)...I like M&M's". I think to myself, "mental note, if I ever go by candy with kids again I need to shield their eyes". I ended up buying them a little treat. :)
  • The same 3 yr old girl wanted to use a flashlight in the living room and make the room dark to see the light. We close the blinds and she turns the flashlight on. And she talks about the light and makes up a little song. Then I say "I can teach you a song about a light" and she says okay so I start to sing "This Little Light of Mine". It's a kumbaya kind of moment. Then the 3 yr old girl starts to scream it and sing it silly. I say "oh, I want to hear your pretty voice" and she sings it normal. Then her 5 yr old brother says "that's the spirit"...I'm pretty sure they had watched a Christmas movie recently and heard that and he thought "This Little Light of Mine" is a Christmas song. Too cute
  • Another little 3 yr old girl I watch has been using the phrase "there's a wild animal on the loose"...and it's really funny to me because she says it just like the guy in that old Fandango commercial. (Right? Anyone know which one I'm talking about? Maybe it's an inside joke between my friend Lauren & I :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One more update...only 24 more days until I leave!

I wanted to post this again. I'm going to try and figure out how to put the widget on the side of my blog but so far I've only found instructions that put the widget in my post. Thank you for looking at my blog and reading! Here's info about my trip again :) I didn't receive an update this last week (probably because of Thanksgiving) so everything is still the same. Thank you so much to those of you who have supported. I appreciate it so much! Many blessings!!!

Hi friends & family,

I have the exciting opportunity to share with you about my returning to India on another mission’s trip with ROCKHARBOR church! I first want to thank you so much for supporting my trip toIndia in March; this December I have the chance to help lead a team of 33 ROCKHARBOR members going to Andhra Pradesh, India this December. The first trip to India was truly memorable and we were able to accomplish great things. It was such a blessing to be able to interact with the people on staff at Harvest India as well as help build relationships with people in remote villagesl we were able to supply them with food, clean water and share our faith with them and that we want to give because we have been given so much. It was also eye opening because I saw first hand the cast system as well as the poverty and great need in the country, which Harvest India is trying to make strives to improve. Now I have the unique privilege of helping lead a trip.

Our team will be traveling from December 26th to January 9th. During our trip we will be: helping provide villages with wells for pure drinking water, giving food and medical aid to the poor and those considered untouchable, aiding the pastors in evangelist events to reach many villages with the hope of the Gospel and also giving support and hope for a better life to a local orphanage Rockharbor sponsors.

This trip we also have the unique opportunity to help with flood relief efforts Harvest India has been leading because of the devastating floods that have hit southern India.

Our first and most important support needed is prayer. We are asking for prayer:

·For our team safety while traveling, and during our time in India
·That we are spiritually prepared for any spiritual battles that may be encountered
·That we may share the Gospel boldly & with the love that Our Savior Jesus has shown us
·For unity, support, flexibility and compassion within our team
·That people we meet will have hearts prepared to receive Jesus as their Lord & Savior, and One True God
·That all the team members will be able to raise the financial support necessary to go
·That the pastors, church planters and people of India will be encouraged andstrengthened as followers of Christ.

Secondly, there is a need for financial support if you feel called to also participate financially. I have committed to raise $3,500. If you would like to make a donation to my trip or know of others who would, please make donations payable to ROCKHARBOR Church. Please do not write my name or the country anywhere on the check. You may use the included returnenvelope, which is already addressed and indicates that the donation is for my trip. If you use your own envelope, please mail it to: ROCKHARBOR Church

Attn: India/Brittani Ehrhorn
3080 Airway Ave. Suite A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Please note that donations are tax deductible and are non refundable. All donations will go towards theoverall cost of the trip, and any excess funds will first help to cover the team’s costs and secondly will be gifted to the ministry we are going to serve.

Thank you all very much for your support of this ministry; I am so blessed for you to be apart of it alongside me.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Moments Like That

I just wanted to share this. On our way to the Switchfoot concert a neighbor stopped me & my brother and asked me to babysit 2 days later... then, literally on our drive I got another call to babysit for tonight. I was happy about getting the jobs. And when I got off the phone (on my bluetooth of course) I said to my brother..."God is so awesome". He said "yeah, He is". I said that just that very morning I had been praying about work and asking for providence for times that I was slow (because this week was looking slow for babysitting). And then I got asked to babysit Tuesday...and then Bubba said "and the neighbors asked you for Sunday too". He amazed me at how he totally caught on and made me even more aware of how great God is. :)