Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Different Kind of Marathon...and lessons along the way

Today's high was 81°F here in the city where I live. Even though seasons don't change too drastically here, I'm starting to feel hints of Fall in the mornings and evening. It puts a little happiness in my heart. I like the Fall a lot. (I even made a homemade soup last week because I was in a "Fall mood".) And this Fall I have a few things I'm looking forward to. One of those things is a Switchfoot concert with my oldest friend who has never seen Switchfoot. In fact, we've never gone to a concert together in the almost 14 years we've known each other! Operation Switchfoot has commenced. I will also be going to see David Crowder in concert with my dad this Fall. We are excited for a proper hoe-down. I'm also taking a trip to New York over Thanksgiving! And, depending on what grad schools I apply to, I may take a trip to Seattle. On top of all that, I am going to be taking classes & studying for a nursing grad school entrance exam that I will take in November. 

Currently, I am soaking in what is let of my summer "break" of about a month off of school. It's feels good & I am able to spend time with loved ones. I've still found ways to keep busy. Like going to grad school info sessions & researching schools. And I am working a lot on things like really trying to hear from God, seeking good counsel about nursing, relationships & communication. 

I know that I write a fair amount about school. So, I'm sorry if it feels a little bit old. It is a big part of my life though. I feel like I'm running a very long marathon of sorts. Except it doesn't involve running. But what I am doing requires so much discipline, focus & working my butt off. Lately I've noticed that my heart has been a tiny bit weary about the fact that more does lie ahead. But, there are many things that I hold onto. Like the ways that God let's me know he is there through the encouragement of others when there are valleys. And, how God has reminded me to look around & enjoy my surroundings. Just as a runner might get to run in an absolutely gorgeous landscape, I have so much beauty around me. Like the amazing, supportive and freaking wonderful family & friends I've been blessed with. Though I may not want to be shaped and molded along this journey at times, that is exactly what life and this journey is all about. I am also reminded of that. God has me right where He wants me, and it is all apart of His beautiful story. Every piece is woven in perfectly and carefully