Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heaven...waiting...and living the full life

Many years of my 27 years have been spent being in between two thing; being in a season of waiting for one thing to end & something that means so much & you have been longing for to start.  For example, waiting to become a teenager when you are not.  Waiting until you can start high school.  Then waiting for the day you can FINALLY get your drivers license.  After that, waiting to find out where you've gotten accepted to college.  All these exciting milestones that make us want to not be in a "waiting game".

Lately I've been doing a lot of praying and getting a lot of counsel from wise people since I am in this season that feels excruciatingly long.   I've been trying so hard for years to get into graduate school and do well in my pre-requisites.  I am also really just wanting to start the career I am passionate about, and if I am honest to have a husband and family too.  All of these things are not happening yet. Anyway, all of this wisdom I have been getting has really helped me seek deep down & gain some real truth.

You see, all these wise people keep saying "it is so hard to be waiting".  Let me tell you my theory about how everyone can relate to this.  And also how it relates to heaven.  You see, I feel like we can relate so much to this as humans and how is resonates so deep down in us because this earth is only an "in between".   A place where we are living in a world where God is here but he hasn't come back to make it perfect again.  And we haven't reached heaven yet.  All these things that I am longing for just remind me that they are such good things but really I think what I am is homesick.  But homesick for a place I do not even know of.  It's the thing of the Bible, books by C.S. Lewis and songs by my favorite band Switchfoot.  Strangely though, once I realized this, it makes me realize that really all I need is God's love.  And for Him to fill me with hope, joy, comfort, peace and His love while I am in this in between.  I know I have experienced all of these things.  And you know what, to me that is what it means go live a FULL LIFE.  And you know what, it's only going to get better because of that.