Friday, July 16, 2010

A great cause, great deal, and great tee's!!!! Get your Haiti tee's!

Friends of mine (who I've mentioned before on this blog) are selling tees to help fundraise for their sons adoption...they are able to receive a grant for support they raise, but they haven't met their goal yet! So, they are selling their tees at half price! They're great tees. I have 2 myself & love them! Lets support this awesome family, awesome cause & awesome little boy who has been adopted! :) Also, if you live close to me I can save you on shipping by getting your shirt for you and we can plan to meet up & I can give it to you (because I sit for this family throughout the week).

Here's their post from their here or on the photos for the t-shirt shop link:

Okay, internet friends. Now is your chance. We are having a major - MAJOR - sale on our Haiti tees. Special price, just for you!



a) Our matching grant from Running for Orphans ends in ONE WEEK and we are still under our goal.
b) We might have ordered a few too many t-shirts.
c) I would like to allow the children back into the garage without fear of them being crushed by the T-Shirt Boxes Tower of Doom.

So . . . $10 a shirt. Pretty much at-cost, because these things aren't doing anybody any good in our garage. Much better that they be on YOU - reminding people to continue supporting Haiti.


Her nickname is Nina....and she's my older sis :) She's loving, caring, fun, beautiful, talented, creative, smart and a no non-sense kind of lady. She's definitely a combo of both my mother & father...take it or leave it :) She's the first born of our little (but kinda big) family, as well as the first grandchild on both sides of the family. Sometimes we butt heads because we're different in a lot of ways (though we definitely don't butt heads as often compared to when we were younger). But we both know how much we love each matter what. It's been fun to share a house together for a little while this year, and share a time when both of our best friends ask us to be in their weddings taking place this year. Hope that this year is filled with lots of fun, growth & even more blessings & joy than the last. LOVE YA SIS!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cheers (to friends and many blessings)!!!!!

It's been a while since I've last posted...I don't want it to be like that. Nope. I like to be able to write & have a conversation about things going on in my life, to keep people updated & have a little fun while doing so. And at times, being able to do all those things moves from being a higher priority, to the lowest priority.
A perfect example of this is when I am in finals week of an intense 6 week summer session, and I'm in a wedding the weekend of finals week, and when my car breaks down on the way to the wedding in the desert (not "middle-of-nowhere" desert, but desert nonetheless and an hour and a half away from my house). Needless to say, it all worked out. I was out of a car for a week and then a wonderful, lovely & generous couple who I am lucky enough to call friends came to my rescue and let me borrow their car (because the husband is in a band & touring Europe for a month. You know, nothing big). I only needed their car as a loaner car for about a week because my parents neighbor (who is especially skilled in cars) did all kinds of tests on my car and concluded that all my car needed was a new thermostat. When I took it to Pep Boys they said my head gasket needed to be replaced and a few other expensive things that was going to cost $1800-$2000...insane! (I normally don't get worked up about things, but I am seriously so tempted to somehow contact Pep Boys & let them know I'm unhappy about their diagnosis of my car & that I had to pay $ for them to look at it and diagnose it completely wrong!). I'm so glad that I waited to get a second opinion. I am seriously amazed at the community that I am surrounded by! The week that I was carless, my mom drove me around as well as my sisters and couple of my good friends. I even had a friend who seriously absolutely rocks take a project to school for me on the last day. She drove out of her way to go to my school, and then also went in and gave my professor the project. Then, to have friends let me borrow their car, and also have another friend fix it! Wow! God is so good, and has blessed me with good friends! And, I've also had so many families I sit for offer to drive me and also try to find a loaner car for me! Thank you everyone! :)
Anyway, that chaos seems to be over. I am so thankful for it working out and God providing so much! Currently, I am working a good amount but finances are really tough right now (between 2 weddings I've been in, dealing with car stuff, paying for classes & books & parking permits, and not working as much because I had class), so if you could all be praying God continues to provide and allow me to be in a good place financially. Also, pray that my car continues to work well with the new thermostat, and that it really is what the issue was.
On one more note, I am so pumped about the India ministry that I am apart of. God really has put India on my heart and I am so blessed to be apart of it, and to be in a community of people who want to serve in the India ministry as well. And I feel like I am really just beginning to get to know everyone and grow even deeper and make great friendships! We are currently conducting interviews for the December trip & have a lot of great people who are wanting to go! It's going to be a great team & a great trip!

Many blessings! XOXOXOXO