Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy birthday to my little sis (who isn't so little anymore!)!!!!

Happy Birthday Kor!   I love you lots!  I hope that you have a wonderful day today!  How is it that you were born 19 years ago today??!?!?!!?  I'm proud of you for so many things that you've done...for doing well in high school, going to college, being a wicked awesome cheerleader in high school, for being a hard worker, for being a real/truthful person.  Most of all for being you.  Beautiful you!  For old times sake, when you come back to OC you, Cristina, Brad & I should ride our bikes to Carl's Jr (I guess you can get fries or something...).  Love you lots, and I pray for even more blessings this year than the last!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Funnies Page...brought to you by pre-schoolers :)

I've compiled some of the funny things that kids have said/done in my presence lately.  Man, kids can be so funny :)

  • a 5 year old girl I sit for was asking me about nursing school.  She knows I'm pursuing going to nursing school, but I don't really talk to her about it but she brings it up occasionally.  But when I was sitting for her last week she asked me if I was a nurse yet, and I said "no, not yet.  Hopefully soon though".  Then she said "when you're a nurse, will you be my nurse?".  I said "YEAH, and you can come to the doctors office and I'll get you and say H, come back with me and I'll take care of you."  Her face lit up and she said "YEAH, that'd be so cool!"  And then a few minutes later she wanted to draw and she made me a card w/ a picture on it (couldn't tell you what exactly the picture was of) and she said "Brittani, this is for you.  It's for you to look at everyday to remember to be a nurse".  If that's not an obvious reminder to me.  haha
  • I babysat a few days later for the same was night time when I got there and she was going to bed and wasn't feeling well.  I got to say good night to her before her parents put her to bed.  Then, her mom said that she told her "Brittani is my favorite nurse"...aww.  I love ya too H! :)
  • I was watching a one year and a half year old girl who is very smart.  I was putting her down for her nap...we just read a Dora book and went in her room.  I had just changed her diaper, gave her the binky, and her blanket when she points to go out of her room and says "Dora book".  I thought, "okay, maybe she wants to bring the book with her to bed" so I go out to the living room and sit on the couch with her to get it and maybe look at one more page.  But as soon as we sit down she gets out of my lap and darts for her toys.  It was totally a strategic strategy to get back to her toys.  So I had to say "no toys or playing right now, it's time for bed.  Do you want the Dora book?"  and she didn't seem interested in the book.  So, I put her to bed and she said "nigh, nigh Brittani".  She's a cute and funny little one. :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Can I get a "woot woot" and a "hey, hey"?

Hey my fearless readers!!! :)  My day today went pretty well...I babysat and the little girl I watch acted up again today by kicking and hitting me a lot when she had to take a nap.  Seriously don't know what her problem is...I even handled the situation like my normal (professional babysitter) self and she still kept at the kicking & hitting.  Just weird to me...I really haven't had a kid do this continually.  But then again, she gives me attitude pretty much all the time anyway (even if she's well rested).  After babysitting, I fought another battle to get to the nursing school info session...that's right, I drove on the 55 & 91 freeways during rush hour to get to Cal Baptist University (CBU).  I made it just about 5 minutes late to the info meeting, but I am so glad I went.  I feel that CBU is such a fabulous, wonderful, fantastic and beautiful school!  The nursing faculty/staff were amazing and I stayed to also get a tour of the "skills lab", which is basically a fully simulated hospital floor for nursing students.  It's state of the art!  And they described the nursing theory that they teach by, and I am impressed.  All this with a school that has a Christian foundation.  Then, I made sure to introduce myself to the admissions counselor I've been in contact with for about a year and a half and she remembered me and took my application.  I asked her what is the liklihood that I'd get into the pre-nursing program and she said I would probably get in, and if not they would work with me to help me take a few classes elsewhere and then start the program.  I feel like looking at private schools that have the option to finish pre-req's there is something I'm going to pursue at a few more schools while I am also trying to get into junior college classes.  But, according to the counselors my theory is right about the system...right now community colleges are suffering from budget cuts and they aren't able to have enough classes for all the students wanting/needing to take the classes and and CBU (and other private schools) they are able to increase the number of classes available for a course based on how many students there are to enroll.  It may just be my entry-way into an MSN.  We'll see...I should know if I can start the pre-nursing program for this summer in just 2 or 3 weeks because CBU has rolling admissions!  Would you all join me in continuing to pray about my application there, as well as my pursuing nursing school?  xoxo

p.s....tell me what you think about my new blog design.  would love to know!
p.s.s.  ... I think I've found a place to live w/ a dear, dear friend of mine.  woo hoo!
p.s.s.s. ....someone please tell me they know where I got the "can I get a 'woot woot' and a 'hey hey' "...please!  :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm on my way to yonder...

A song by the very talented Drew Bray played on my iPod in my car today called "yonder"...part of the lyrics are "I'm on my way to yonder". I kind of feel like that, but in a cool tomorrow, my "yonder" is California Baptist University (CBU)...with the hopes that my application will make it through and I'll get accepted to the pre-nursing program...which would be a yonder to maybe getting into the actual Masters of Science in Nursing program. But really, my interpretation and heart for the "yonder" is where God would have me! And that's really exciting! I have had soooo much joy this week it is amazing, beautiful, lovely and basically an answered prayer! God is so good!!!!! I think that tomorrow I will be posting a "funny things kids say post", as well as a recap of how the informational meeting/application turning in/visiting CBU went. Should be good

Monday, February 15, 2010

Plan A: Prayer, Plan B: Prayer (you India people know what this means :)

It's been a good week (I know it's only Monday, but I haven't written a blog in a little over a week). Thing have been going well with living at my parents...I've done a good amount of babysitting that has gone well. I did get sick though; and I'm still sick...before my move I sort of had a cold that was almost gone and then there were a couple of long nights (w/ packing and babyistting) where I didn't get a lot of sleep which then caused me to sick again (or I am calling it being "re-sick") last Sunday when I moved. And now it's progressed this week, going from a cold where I didn't know my nose could have so much coming out of it, to now a hacking cough. So, I've knocked down the cold, and am currently taking something to help with my cough so hopefully it'll go away soon. And I've really been trying to rest. But considering some things going on I can't take too much time to do nothing. Which leads me to the knew news...or an update. I had the crazy idea that I'd love to take pre-req courses at a university so that I could be able to finish faster. This whole trying to take junior college classes just isn't working too well. Then, I started looking at correspondence with an admissions counselor at Cal Baptist (CB) and they actually have that available. I can be enrolled in the "pre-nursing" classes starting this summer. They are having a Masters in Nursing informational meeting this Thursday that I am going to attend an personally hand in my application in person to this admissions counselor. I'm excited, nervous, trying to be hopeful, but most of all really really really trying to be dependent and reliant on God. Years and years ago, when the whole nursing process started I've said in my heart "if this happens, it's going to be because of God and not of me". I want this to be something that reflects a calling on my life, but how God has made it come to fruition. So, my plan A and plan B is prayer, prayer and prayer.
prayer for:
  • this whole nursing process, and my wisdom and seeking God through all of it
  • that I would be able to get my application finished to the best of my ability, and that I would present myself with all my capabilities and experience
  • that I would be able to get all my letters of recommendations to turn in for Thursday...they aren't full on letters, but more of a survey type format to fill out
  • that doors would open for me to start the pre-nursing classes this summer at CB
That's all for now...thank you my prayer warriors! You are truly a blessing & I couldn't do this without your support or your prayers being heard. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

The bright side of things on a rainy day :) (can also be titled "A Heart Change" or "This is my confession")

Confession time...I've been in a funky mood lately. Some of the kids I babysit for (in particular 2 unrelated kids) have been a lot to deal with...and I have let it get to me. And I'm moving, and I've let that get to me. That's really not like me. I'm the person who rallies others and is always seeing the sunny side of things and can compartmentalize so that things don't effect me. But I think after going to India this time, it's been harder. Anyway, today...on a rainy and gloomy day that wasn't a perfect day babysitting...I was listening to Switchfoot and it spoke to me and comforted my spirit and brought me joy. And I had a heart change...I was remembering how I've posted a good amount about the fun times I have with kids I watch and the funny things they say, and how I actually haven't done that in a long time. And not long before that I was thinking to myself how I don't see the bright side of things in moving in with my parents only to have to move again soon, and not getting into classes, and having some hardships babysitting. That's when the thought entered my head "Brittani, you are always the one who's positive and lists the pro's and always says 'It's not all bad' "... so here it goes

  • I love my family very much!!!!! And I will not think of the negative things that could happen (fights with them or being more confounded by living with them)...I haven't lived with them in six years and that's exciting!
  • I am so fortunate to be able to have the ability to live with family and have more time to be able to pick a place to live
  • I am going to be able to save more money...I'll be able to finish paying off the India trip (because I still have about $950 left to fundraise) and whatever I have on my credit card, and save up for a car
  • I've had numerous people tell me that if I needed to I could crash at their home if I need my group of friends
  • God has provided so much in having people to help me move, staying at my current place an extra week, and so many other things
Now, for the funny kid stories!
  • the three year old girl I watch (who is almost 4!) was with me and her mom when her mom was asking me about my living situation and if/where I was moving and I said I didn't have a place yet...and the 3 year old girl goes "Brittani, you can sleep on my bed and I can sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor by the bed". Melt my heart!
  • I am already in love with the little boy I babysit for who recently came home to his U.S. family. He knows my name (from a girl named Britney at the orphanage he stayed at) and this week when I was babysitting for him he would run out of the room we were all in and run back in yelling "BRITTANI" and I would say his name in the excited way he did to mine. This lasted for a good 20 minutes until we had to get ready for bed and even after that he kept doing it. Then at bath time I actually put bubbles in his bath and he went crazy...and I'd put bubbles in my hands and blow them in his direction and he literally went hysterically laughing and flailing into the water...EVERY TIME!!! (and I purposely kept doing it for at least 5-10 minutes). His laugh is so contagious and adorable. And it's adorable how much his whole family loves him.
  • while I was sitting a 5 year old boy and he wanted to watch the Lion King. It was at night and I knew it was okay for him to watch T.V.; as I was putting the DVD in, he starts talking about the movie and says "oh, yeah and the monkey baptizes Simba"...he was talking about the part when Rafiki puts the red dirt/paint on Simba after he's born. Too funny :)
Anyway, I am going to try even more to go to God with all these things(the good, the bad and the blah) and ask Him for joy, strength and perseverance!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A picture post (aka: more India pictures!)

Yesterday, I received all the pictures that people took on the India are some of my favorites that I haven't already posted :) Hope you enjoy then like I do!

This is when I was doing the drama. I was acting drunk...but I just really really love my new saree (teal w/ black polka dots)