Saturday, May 30, 2009

Molly Jenson Concert was t(witt)erific!!!

So, thanks to Twitter I had the opportunity to meet with one of my favorite artists...Molly Jenson. I am not continuously on Twitter, but on Tuesday of this week I check it mid-day and what do you know, Molly Jenson had literally just sent at tweet saying she needed someone to help sell merchandise at her conceret at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and you could also get you and a friend in to see her concert. Of course I replied right away! Heck, I love things like that. And what do you know, I was the first one to respond (truly had to do with the timing of it all since I'm not on twitter all the time) and last night was the concert. I was excited because my roommate Kristi and I got to meet her ahead of time, watch her perform and then sell merchandise. She is a great singer and she is just so sweet and cute in person. It was my fourth time seeing her, so it was neat to be able to talk to her about that and how I actually won tickets last year from her by being the first to respond to an e-mail she sent out on her e-mail list about free tickets she had up for grabs. Lol. Moral of the story: 1) promote your local artists 2) twitter is good (along with e-mail and technologically savvy forms of communication--that's right, I said savvy. Sounds very Jack Sparrow from Pirates. lol)

An add on

Two things that I forgot to mention is how cute my brother is...he was such a trooper at Disneyland, managing the crowds and all that. The funniest part was that when we got into the parking lot and he was enthralled by the five story elevator in the parking lot. He wanted to ride it so bad, it was as if he would be completely happy to just go on that and call it a day. And then when it came time for dinner I wanted to let him choose where we'd eat, and he said "I don't know, I just want Italian". I know that I went on about the Space Mtn. experience last blog, so sorry :) Hope you all have a great Saturday! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun times at D-land (aka, the Happiest Place on Earth)!

So, I have decided to post about my D-land trip with Brad on Saturday :) We had so much fun!!! As I woke up that morning I realized that even though we live about 15-20 minutes away from D-land, he hasn't been since he was about 4! So, needless to say he didn't remember a lot of what D-land is like so it felt really fun to have what felt like a first D-land trip for him :) I call it our "Disneyland maximization celebration" because I was determined to maximize our time there & make the best of the day. We got there & had to stand in line for his free ticket, which took a while. But, even though the ticket line was long, I knew it actually pretty much always is and nothing else looked too bad so far. Were able to go on all the "big rides" & utilize fast passes for rides that had the longest wait. He was confused about the whole fast pass thing and maximizing that for the rides with the longest wait, but I said "just trust me, I'm an annual passport holder". We didn't have to wait very long on the rides & I remember I prayed about the busy-ness of D-land on Memorial Day weekend and that God would provide and really, He did. Rides that were usually long seemed to have 1/2 the wait time from the board on Main St. in D-land that tells wait time. Anyway, the only bummer was Space Mtn; We waited to get a fast pass for it until before we went to dinner (because we had one for Indiana Jones & then Splash Mountain before that). However, at 5:50, the next Fastpass time was at 11:30pm!!! Heck no, I said. Brad agreed, so we went to Splash Mtn & then dinner; we came back & the wait time went from 50 min. to 70 min. But Brad & I both said "oh, it doesn't look that long" & we waited. About 30 minutes into the wait the ride breakes down & they say it's 1-3 hours fix time. So, we go on It's A Small World, watch fireworks, and go back to Space Mnt. and it was closed still! Sigh! We waited about 20 minutes because I was so hopefull it would open & Brad was getting really bored so he asked if we could go on the Matterhorn and we did and we go back to Space Mtn and it's open!!! YAY! But the wait was 70 min. because of all the people who had been waiting so long too. It was 10:15 at night and we were tired and both said heck no, but I said "let me try to smooze the Fast Pass people" and they said we couldn't get in without the pass even though we were in line when it shut down :( So, Brad still hasn't gone on Space Mtn but I am determined to get him on it someday soon because it would probably be his most favorite ride in D-land! We had fun!!! 12 rides in about 10 hours, including dinner & lunch!!! Love you Brad!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Brad!!!!!

Happy 12th Birthday Bro! I know I've said it before, and I will say it again; you are the coolest brother. I am so proud of you for being so great at everything you do, and for being such a strong young man. I am really excited to see all that God has planned for you! I can't believe that you're already 12! I remember the day that you were born (and how you were two weeks late) and how Nina, Kori & I use to call you "Hercules" as a baby because of your big (chubby) arms...or the sweet tooth you've had since you were a baby...and how you've always been so athletic and definitely the boy of the house (but still always hug your sisters and say I love you). I love you very much!!! Today is going to be so much fun at Disneyland, and can't wait for more fun times spent together. (Just promise me you won't tackle me anymore when I'm trying to leave mom & dad's.) I love you lots and hope for many many more blessings on you!

Here's Brad surfing in Oceanside, and me and Brad being goofy (I think trying out some model poses. lol).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing up!!!

So, yesterday I allowed myself a study break & had lunch with my very best friend Lauren. We've known each other since freshman year of high school & have remained close ever since. (This includes me taking three trips to New York to visit her...I know, the things I have to endure. lol) Anyway, She's been back in CA from school in New York for a year and a half now & I've mentioned before she got engaged on her & her fiances 5 year anniversary in October (Halloween to be exact). Knowing that we are best friends I kind of assumed I'd be in the wedding but she's been quiet in telling me who's in the bridal party & never actually asked me. Well, yesterday I got the official ask. She's so sweet & sent her bridesmaids a cute card that asks "Will my bridesmaid?" I love her planning & thoughtfulness. She's great at things like that. Which is why I know the wedding is going to be off the hook. So, she is the first friend of mine to be getting married & with that brings a lot of excitement for me. It feels like my friends & I are growing up and creating our own lives. It's another new experience & it's pretty cool. First wedding &  for me the first time being a bridesmaid! Another first is Lauren's going to be an aunt at the end of this month. Her niece Lily is expected on May 30th. Yesterday I also got to see Lauren's sister & her growing baby in her belly. You know that you & your friends are close when your best friend & her sister get their hair done by your aunt. Lauren's sister said "I love your aunt!" & I had this feeling of how amazing it is to be so close with so many loving people who truly care about me & there is no questoin about it. And Lauren's sister said "Brittani, it's so hard to find a nanny! Can you just watch Lily for me when I need someone!".  It was too cute & I think it is pretty special to be in a type of community where we all help each other & are basically apart of each others family.  Laur & Kyle, it has been a privilege to watch your relationship grow (I even went on the first date with them--it was a football game).  I pray for stress-free wedding planning, a blessed marriage & a wonderful life together, for your closeness, unity and for your future.  I hope that I will be grow even closer through the planning process and that I can play a helpful role.  And I pray for the Coopers & for a healthy baby Lily and a blessed life for her.  Ok, I'll stop with the mushy. :)  I have my last final of the quarter today so if you all could be praying for me!  XOXO
here's the card:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Because

just because I felt like sharing my beautiful shoes with you all :) and because I needed a little study break

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shoe therapy!!!

So, here's a little update. I have been in the mood to wear my kick butt high heel shoes lately. Last night as I was falling asleep I even thought about these shoes my aunt bought me that I wore to graduation from UCI and what I could wear them with again. I'm not even talking about retail therapy, but I'm daydreaming about shoes I own that I don't get to wear often because they're not conducive to running or playing baseball or soccer or walking to the park while I babysit. To be honest, there's not a whole lot of these types of shoes in my closet, and it's definitely not like me to think of clothing/fashion like this which is makes it all the more random. I will admit this is probably induced by the alternate reality of studying that I'm in. But it is also because I got to wear a pair of them on Mother's Day and got complemented by numerous family members (my dad included, which tells you something about how maybe I really should wear these rockin' shoes more often). Other forms of therapy for me include listening to Jon Foreman, Switchfoot, Fiction Family, Molly Jenson and Jack Johnson...oh, and eating madeline cookies! So yummy! Anyway, I'm having fun typing this on my iPod as I walk to go pick up the kids I'm babysitting for today, which makes it rather convienent to blog. If you all could be praying for my studies, my family, test taking skills and my attitude/perserverance. I honestly haven't babysat in a couple days so I've been cooped up studying and that's not been doing well for my mentality after a few days. Thanks you all and love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just wanted to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my mom!  Love you!  (I know it's not the most flattering picture because we were camping, but it's still cute I think)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Hodgepodge of things

It was actually quite a trip to the Body World Exhibit.  Great conversation with the classmates in the car where I was able to share my opinions about things (and sort of minister) and was actually told by the classmates that they were encouraged by the conversation; and when I said my opinions are based on my faith and it might seem "strange" but  it's what I believe, one of the girls said "that's not weird".  And, the exhibit itself was quite extraordinary to see and to have my professor who has been teaching Anatomy for 30 years give us a tour made it even more unique.  The bummer though was that I actually had to study for a test that I had the following day, and I helped out with the video at church (which I love doing but it just wasn't good timing--and I could have arranged a little better).  So, I have one more week of class and then midterms.  Eeekk!  Scary and am trying to study more and more.  I unfortunately am not working for the company my aunt works for (the company is tightening it's spending) and even though it'll make money a little tight, I am so thankful to have the time off to study right before finals!  What provision!  God is so good!  Well, thanks for reading and if you could be keeping me, school (and future schooling) and these finals and also my whole family in prayer it would be greatly appreciated!  I've come to the realization and the peace that even if nursing school this year doesn't happened, I know I would feel so much better having more time to apply to more schools and retake classes that are my worst grades (great advice from a nursing admissions counselor advised me on).  Praise the Lord-- I don't feel like I only have this one opportunity.  I'm still staying strong and hopeful!  And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MAMA!  (and to all you other mamas out there!). 

Friday, May 1, 2009

La vida loca en mi clase de anatomy

So, thought it would be funny to write about my anatomy class.  It's one of the most interesting classes I've taken -- because I get to cut things open and dissect things, and also because of the people in class with me.  At my lab table, there are three other people.  One woman is from Russia, another from Poland, and another from India (whom I've mentioned before).  They are all kind, funny and interesting people but it's just interesting to see other people's personalities.  The woman from India is an R.N.; but in class she's always getting really angry and cusses (and even says "oh, I'm such a biawtch" -- edited version); and she's always answering her phone during lab to talk to her kids who call her a lot (but not because it's an emergency but for things like seeing when she's going to come home).  She's also taking a biology of sex class and is always saying how good the teacher is.  Last week she asked me if I would write a paper for her for that class, and I said something like "Oh, that's not a subject I know a lot about.  I wouldn't write a good essay".  The lab table was kind of funny).  The woman from Poland is funny and always laughing and is very easy going; she's not doing well in the class but laughs it off and says "oh well.  It's my fault.  I'll do better next time."  There is an older man in the class too (he doesn't sit in our table though) and he's pushy and gets in the way.  Literally during a lab test we were suppose to be rotating to look at different stations where we had to identify things, and it was all timed.  This man tried to keep going back to one station where someone in front of me was, and then he tried again when it was my turn, and with a couple other people.  Then, there's a table with a group of girls who are sort of over achievers...they can be a little pushy and  looking out for themselves (just like the old man).  One night before an exam, our professor was lecturing on material that wasn't gonna be on the test, and one of the girls from that table was going around looking at all the skeleton models, brains etc while the teacher was lecturing!  (As if looking around at that point is going to help! was probably a comfort thing.)  I love how diverse it is, but at the same time it's just very interesting to watch the dynamics...they're a lot of characters who show up to take a Friday night class.  And to be honest, it's something I'm not use to and a lot of people in class don't live/function the way I do, so it's been a reminder that I live in a world with many different people.  We're going the Body World exhibit in San Diego (or as Tim from Switfoot calls it, Sandy eggo) and I'm carpooling with some people from class; I'll have to write about that trip too!