Monday, December 22, 2008

some good news, and Merry Christmas...Feliz Navidad...Feliz Cumpleanos Jesus!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I am actually enjoying this Christmas season, and I hope that you are too.  If you aren't into classic Christmas carol's I highly recommend that you take a listen to Relient K's Christmas CD...a great rock kind of take on Christmas carols.  It's really interesting because I had a revelation about 2-3 weeks ago while singing Christmas songs.  I was actually enjoying singing and listening to them.  Then I remembered that for 9 years of my childhood, I had to perform multiple Christmas songs in front of the congregation and the school I attended (Kindergarden- 8th grade) each Christmas.  It was fun at the time, but it's a little scarring, or at least it will make a person not care much for Christmas songs.  For two years (5th & 6th grade!) my class also performed this full on choreographed dance down the church pews instead of singing.  But I am happy to say that there's been a change this Christmas!  I'm enjoying old-school Christmas carols.  
Well, I have some good news to speak of (in addition to the birth of Christ).  We had a meeting for India last week, and we have officially rescheduled the trip for March!  It is so exciting and relieving and an answered prayer that we are for sure planning on going back!  It's amazing to see how God is working through all of this.  And in March we'd get to spend a lot more one-on-one time with the orphans Rockharbor sponsors.  We will also be able to go to the Bible College graduation and bless and pray for new graduates who are going to pretty desolate places to start churches.  So, I urge you all to pray for the country and the people of India as well as our team (our safety, our unity and our hearts after the first trip being postponed).  

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let My Shadow Prove the Sunshine

For some reason, today I was looking at pictures from people on Facebook and realized that I am really desiring to do something fun, something adventurous.  I don't know if that is coming from not being able to go to India right now (meaning actually travel outside the country) or it's because I am bummed because I'm not going so I want to get out and do something (so maybe just an emotional get away).  Going to New York sounds fun (minus any drastic weather) or even somewhere in Europe.  Maybe it's also wanting to spend time with friends in going on such an adventure.  For now though, I may have to settle with a day at Disneyland (lol).  Anyway, this week has been enjoyable and has also definitely had its challenges.  But the good thing is that I have a great family who cares about me, loves me and encourages me and makes me laugh a lot.  I have great friends who I am blessed to care about and who care about me; and God is helping me so much.  This week at my Lifegroup (small group/Bible study) we were reading the story about Abraham sacrificing Isaac, Noah building the arc, as well as the Isrealites marching around the walls of Jericho for seven days (Hebrews 11:8-123).  God spoke to me and gave me some insight.  These people were bold in following God, but they did so with amazing faith and trust in the Lord... they did not know what would eventually happen with what they were being called to do.  What a scary thought, but it is something that I personally can relate to and realize that it's okay if the "ends" isn't known yet.  But I am called to have hope, faith and also be faithful along the way and rely on God for strength and understanding (and that starts with simply going to Him first!).   His plans always, always end up better than my own.  So, I'm excited to see the closeness that will take place and what other insights, adventures and growth is going to happen along the way!  I'm really looking forward to this Christmas as well...spending time with family, letting people know they are loved, and celebrating the birth of Jesus (and also realizing the significance behind his birth and the humility in it as well on a newer level).  I hope everyone is able to be still this Christmas and really "prepare Him room" in our hearts.

Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. (2)Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (3)Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.   --- Hebrews 12:1-3

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The "Now and Not Yet"...a "to be continued"...I'm in a state of waiting..."there's good news and there's bad news"...however you wanna say it

To those who may know, the last week or two in India has been quite a whirlwind.  Our India team met on Sunday and the leaders had made a thorough and thoughtful decision to postpone the trip.  A large reason for this is because the leaders checked into travel alerts issued by the US government and the alert issued by the U.S. describes a lot of the reason.  Here's the link for the India Travel Alert.  Suresh would be advertising the crusade we would have done and our arrival on a pretty large scale, and our safety would be pretty jeopardized because of this at the current time.  The leaders have gone over a dozen times in the last 9 years, and a warning like this and high security has never occurred.  Another factor is that 7 Indian airports were noted as high risk, and Hyderabad (the airport we would have flown into) was one of them.  To be honest, the fact that we won't be going this month is very disappointing and considering the journey it's taken me to get this far (I've applied to a few other global mission trips before and due to few spots didn't get in) I am so sad.  To make it even more difficult to deal with, I found out at the same meeting that all my support for the India trip has come in.  Two weeks before we're suppose to take off, I was in such a mindset to go and so was the whole team.  It feels like the rug has been taken out from underneath me.  But here is where the good news comes in and the "not yet" part.  As long as things are safe for us to go to India in March/April there will be a trip planned and I fully intend on going then.  If that does not happen, I will very very like go to on one of two Africa trips through Rockharbor this summer and all my funds can be used for the trip I go on from those choices.  Our airplane tickets are actually exchangeable and the funds can be used for the trip that I am able to go on.  (And heck, I have the malaria prescription already picked up and the 4 immunizations needed.)  I will say that today I am in a good place with all of this...I know it was the absolute right decision and I am hopeful that I will be going on a trip in the upcoming months.  I hope all of you who have supported understand, and of course if you are no longer comfortable giving right now and would like to get refunded, let me know....but do know that I have been in contact with the main organizer of the Africa trips already, and if I don't get to go to India then what I have raised so far will go to that (so the funds will not be used for anything other than my trip).  Thank you all for your love, your care and your enthusiasm and support; and keep checking the blog for updates because we are going to have a India team meeting either later this month or early January about the next steps for everyone.  I have hope that through this God will use all of our hard work and dedication in another way (and in a safer time).  I had an epiphany today thanks to the little cutie I was babysitting.  The little girl I was watching was upset that her mom had left, and I told her (and I don't know how I though of this myself) "I know it's sad, but you don't have to be sad".  Like, there is something that's a bummer that has happened but I don't have to dwell on that and I trust in the Lord and His timing, His protection and His provision.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks

I am no longer in a tryptophan coma, and I decided to do an update about things to do with India.  I am so relieved, blessed and excited to find out that my visa went through! (and it has been mailed to me by the India consulate).  There's no stopping me from going now!  Unfortunately, I don't have a support update, but our next meeting is a week from Sunday (which is December 7th) but I have a feeling that I will be done or just about done raising support!  It really has been so amazing to receive so much help and support!  The countdown to India is now 28 days!  Oh my goodness!  That's so soon.  I can't believe it.  It's coming upon me quick.  I'm still working on memorizing verses and staying consistent in reading the Bible and talking to our Father to prepare my own heart too.  He's done some amazing things.  The fact that so much is going well shows me His goodness and that I am suppose to be going and the timing of me going is right on (which then makes me excited for the rest of my future to happen soon too;  I say that just because I have a sense that this timing is happening fast because the Lord also wants to give me my desires...nursing school and such).  Also, a few days ago there was a bombing in Mumbai, India and a hostage situation at a hotel there.  It's definitely very sad, but just know that Andrah Pradesh is on the entire other side of the country from where I'm traveling to.  But prayers for the country, the people's safety and our team's safety of course doesn't go unnoticed and are so appreciated. :)  
In other news, this week was Thanksgiving!  And I have so much to be thankful for!  I enjoyed spending time with GG & Papa, and the rest of the gang down in San Clamente for Thanksgiving.  I laughed a lot, got to do a photo session of my bro, dad and cousin surfing, and the family all participated in some fierce Wii bowling and tennis.  Oh yeah, and eat some yummy turkey, potatoes, stuffing (yum!) and Michelle Belle's "Derby Pie".  Definitely no regrets about the extra calories.  I'll leave y'all with some funny babysitting stories/quotes from earlier this week.  But before that, if y'all could be praying for the team going to India, pray against any kind of spiritual warfare going on (because there is some going on for the whole team) and all of our support, being a witness to people in the States about us going, and for our time we are going to be spending there.  

1)A little six year old girl told me "my dad's coming to our class Thanksgiving meal because he likes to eat" 
2) same six year old girl and her friend wanting to use an eraser, so they draw on paper with a pen then ask me why it's not erasing
3) A two year old girl saying "thanks ladies" to me and her four year old brother
4) Same two year old girl was having trouble dressing herself and got upset if I tried to help her so I said "it's alright, I'm just trying to help".  Later that day she got her little play purse wound in a slinky (don't know how) but I said "I can fix it" and she said "it's okay Brittani, I just tried to help" about getting the purse caught in the slinky (she's a little cutie)

Love, peace, blessings and let Christmas time begin!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My 22nd Birthday :)

In today's news, this weekend has been a celebration of my 22nd birthday.  My birthday was two days ago, and even though I babysat the whole day it was pretty fun.  It started off with a midnight call from Lauren (which has become an official tradition now), followed by a 6:30AM text from Stephanie and a 7:00AM phone call from my family.  (Who needs sleep anyway, right).  I did feel very loved by all of it though :)  A highlight of babysitting was when I was pushing the little two year old I watched on the swings and she wanted to get off and I started saying "slow it down, down, down" (from a Switchfoot song "We Are One") and she copied me.  I smiled.  Then, that night my family and I went to El Ranchito for dinner and of course it would never be an Ehrhorn birthday without mentioning that "we have a birthday" to the waitress.  So, the waiters/waitresses put a sombrero on me and sang Happy Birthday, and we were actually at a table in the middle of the restaurant.  It was great.  We did get a free and really tasty desert out of it though.  
Then, yesterday was my India Fundraiser/Birthday Dinner.  I had fun making red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!  Good friends showed, my roommates uncle made a delicious dinner and was so sweet to do so.  (Thanks Jay!)  And my family came and we had lots of laughs.  And I also got some more support from it.  Then, today I got to hang out with family again and celebrate one of our families Thanksgivings we'll have this year.  One of the best moments was driving from lunch with my little bro and he said "Hey, can I pick a song on your iPod".  I said sure, and he put on Jack Johnson's "Bubble Toes" and he and I sang our hearts out all the way home.  He's an awesome little guy, great brother, and has great taste in music.  
Today, I also had India drama team practice.  We learned the dance/routine for the Entangled drama (which, I am playing Satan in...I get to entice people and tied their hand to me.  Kinda fun because I lead the dance/routine and get to do the "8 count" for everyone).  The practice went really well, we made a lot of progress and the whole team was able to make it.  Well, more news about India is that there are 33 more days until I take off.  I feel like preparation is going well and I am trying to stay on top of getting things done to go (but I have been babysitting a whole lot lately so it makes me busy).  If y'all could continue to be praying for me I would really appreciate it, and for the whole team.  I have been experiencing some ways where satan has been trying to get to my emotions and some of my relationships.  And another girl on the team mentioned things have been getting really hard for her too (so prayer for the whole team would be so amazing and appreciated!).  I'm looking forward to going to India to help dedicate clean water wells, to help put on a 4 day crusade, to help put on a vacation Bible school, to minister and meet the needs of the untouchable class, and more that I know God has in store.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not another manic Monday

Hi everyone!  So, I've been out for the count a few days ago because I got my immunizations (4 shots to be exact) and they definitely took a toll on me.  But now I'm feeling better.  Yesterday we had our first India drama team practice, and it went really well.  It's quite a workout doing the skit for "Everything" trying to fight God and win back the  We all grew closer, encouraged each other in those awkward first moments of actors having to act in close proximity.  (Probably felt a little uncomfortable because for a lot of us, we haven't done a lot of this or it's been a while).  But, we are trying to get into character, and it was lots of fun!  We already decided to have another practice in one week before things get a little crazy with Thanksgiving.  In regards to news about support, I got an update yesterday via e-mail and it's still at no progress in the last week.  But I am still hopeful and know that there is still more to be done!  The countdown is 39 days!  Wow...I can't believe it's that close.  Some prayer requests are for preparation, any spiritual warfare that may be happening (because it definitely feels like there is in regards to relationships and my emotions), safety and unity and protection for the team even now.    Also, for the birthday/fundraiser dinner...I am hoping people are excited about it and that there will be a good turnout so I can get all my friends together (that would really mean a lot to me).
In other news...I've been waiting for a while for Switchfoot gear I ordered (like the sweatshirt that I'm says "Switchfoot" on it) and a Deluxe Edition "The Best Yet" CD!  It made my day when I saw it came in the mail today!  The little things in life really do bring me joy.  Also, I went to the Awaken track tonight, and we actually got out and hung with people in "third places" (i.e., Starbucks, a bar, etc).  I went with a few people to Barnes & Noble.  It was great to be able to connect with the Barista's there and the nice man who worked in the music section.  I really feel like I could go back sometime next week and they would remember me, and I could be the church to them just by listening, being consistent and being kind to them and really showing I care.  I also think this is great training for India.  :)
Thanks for your prayers and each way you all help support me!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fundraiser/Birthday Dinner

So, I decided to have a fundraiser/birthday dinner for the India trip.  My birthday is on the 21st, but the party is going to be on Saturday the 22nd at my house.  I have more support to raise, and our team as a whole is on 30% done with our fundraising.  You are all invited!  Let me know if you're interested in coming!  Here is my support letter in case anyone wants to see it again.  Now, I have to let you all know that if you wanted to support and you are not able to go to the dinner, let me know.  And, the dinner has no affiliation with's simply my fundraiser.  If you were to give to the cause that evening, the donations would not be tax deductable (just an fyi... because I am providing dinner.  The leaders let us know about specific things such as that which are a little more complicated in regards to fundraising for the trip.  But due to how RH is set up, an event like this would not be rendered tax deductable.)
Hi friends and family,
I am thrilled to be able to share with you about a mission’s trip to India that I am going on with ROCKHARBOR church!  I have the opportunity and privilege of joining a team of 19 ROCKHARBOR members going to Andhra Pradesh, India.  I have wanted to travel abroad for several years to bring hope and help to those who do not have the advantages that I am fortunate to live with.  Thanks to the nine-year partnership that ROCKHARBOR has with the church Harvest India, I have the opportunity to go. 

India is about 80% Hindu, 14% Muslim, and only 2% are Christian.  Only about 50% of the one billion-person population is literate, and the average per capita income is $270 U.S. dollars per year.  The average life expectancy is 58 years old.  In part because of Hindu beliefs, India is an impoverished third-world country that feels little hope for change and improvement.

Our team will be traveling from December 26th to January 10th.  During our trip we will be: helping provide villages with wells for pure drinking water, giving help to the poor and those considered untouchable, aiding the pastors in India in evangelist events to reach many villages with the hope of the Gospel, and also giving support and hope for a better life to a local orphanage.  

Our first and most important support needed is prayer.  We are asking for prayer:

·       For our team safety while traveling, and during our time in India

·       That we are spiritually prepared for any spiritual battles that may be encountered

·       That we may share the Gospel boldly & with the love that Our Savior Jesus has shown us

·       For unity, support, flexibility and compassion within our team

·       That people we meet will have hearts prepared to receive Jesus as their Lord & Savior, and One True God

·       That all the team members will be able to raise the financial support necessary to go

·       That the pastors, church planters and people of India will be encouraged and strengthened as followers of Christ.

Secondly, there is a need for financial support if you feel called to also participate financially.  I have committed to raise $3,500.  If you would like to make a donation to my trip or know of others who would, please make donations payable to ROCKHARBOR Church.  Please do not write my name or the country anywhere on the check.  You may use the included return envelope, which is already addressed and indicates that the donation is for my trip.  If you use your own envelope, please mail it to: ROCKHARBOR Church

Attn: India/Brittani Ehrhorn

3080 Airway Ave. Suite A

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Please note that donations are tax deductible and are non refundable.  All donations will go towards the overall cost of the trip, and any excess funds will first help to cover the team’s costs and secondly will be gifted to the ministry we are going to serve.


Thank you all very much for your support of this ministry; I am so blessed for you to be apart of it alongside me.

Brittani Ehrhorn

Monday, November 10, 2008

It gets even better :)

I received some very good news today about my support for going to India. I thought that there were some checks missing from the list I had gotten yesterday so I e-mailed a leader about it, and she got back to me and said that there were even more checks than I thought that hadn't been processed yet; so now my total is $2845!!! I'm 81% done with my support, and I have 7 weeks left! It's amazing that I have so much support and people who really believe and are there for me, and really support the cause. Another feeling I have is that I've shown my heart and have made an impact on others lives for them to care about me, and I've also shown others my heart for the trip (which are both meaningful and it puts a smile on my face because it fills me with joy). I know that all of this could not be completed on my own, so thanks again everyone. I'm still thinking of holding a fundraiser though, to help benefit me and the rest of the team (it's in the works). I'm learning more Bible verses and trying to prepare spiritually, as well as emotionally. Some other news about my progress on getting to India is that I have an appointment at the end of this week to get my first round of immunizations. I'm looking forward to this trip, to being used in India, to getting out of my comfort zone and my own perceptions of the world and people, and making real connections with others. Thanks again everyone for any and all the ways that you are helping with this trip. Oh, and the countdown is now 46 days until take-off!
I wanted to leave you all with this article that I found today called "Where Do America's Happiest People Work?". Notice that the incomes aren't much of a factor at all in's the jobs where you get to help others and get creative! (i.e., where a person is challenged and called not to be so selfish, but also gets to make an impact on others) It reminds me how different the term "happiness" is defined in our culture and in my generation compared with those from decades past. Is happiness really about yourself? I hope not, because I don't think that you can be content trying to please monotonous and unsatisfying would that be.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So amazing!

As promised, I have an update after our team meeting. First of all, I feel so blessed because my support is at 67%. I need to raise $3500 and I'm at $2345. I sent my support letters 5 weeks ago, and we have seven weeks left. The reason I'm giving such a specific update is because I know full well that I could not do this on my own, and I want to say thank you to everyone for praying and supporting this trip and let everyone know the direct impact this has and how it is such a blessing. I'm am astounded at the way people who are important to me have shown support and have really helped me and sacrificed. I am so grateful, and thanks again! Just a little more to go. The drama group (which includes me) in the India team met today. We decided on four skits: Everything, The Good Samaritan, Entangled and Heart. I know that some may not sound familiar, but in the Good Samaritan I am going to play the person who is robbed and hurt but then helped. The skit Everything is to a song called Everything by the band Lifehouse. In it a human is portrayed starting out with Jesus, but then is faced with several temptations (e.g., money, alcohol, sexuality, death) and it shows how Jesus overcomes all of those things for her. It's very moving...if anyone is interested here's a link to the "Everything" skit. I'm playing the person who portrays money in this skit. Some more info about the trip: we got a list of things to pack today, and we also found out that we are getting tailor made punjabi's and sari's once we get to India (punjabi's are traditional India pant outfits for women); and the guys have the option of getting a few tailored shirts and pants. They're more authentic that way, easier to get when we get there, and do not cost as much (and we can directly benefit the tailor that way, in my opinion). We're also going to be holding a four day crusade, which is why we need four skits (one for each night of the crusade). Also, we might be able to visit the ocean and hold baptims there. I'm so excited about all that we are going to do, and so excited to share it! Let me know if you have any questions. Something else that we're going to do is a Vacation Bible School, which I believe is three days long. The team also practiced two songs that we'll sing at the crusade (which was so much fun, and all of us enjoyed it and were laughing. One of the team leaders was doing a Tina Turner dance to Trading My Sorrows and then she proceeded to say that's something that's not culturally was a crack up). Right now, I'm focusing on memorizing Bible verses and being very diligent with reading the Bible. I'm looking into what more I can do to fund-raise, so more about that may be coming soon.
"God is love"-- 1 John 4:8

Friday, November 7, 2008

Info about my trip to India

The heat today was not least when you're me and are babysitting and like to be outside. We're in the first week of November and in Orange County it's in the 80's! I suppose to me this very peculiar weather can be a blessing, because it's going to be hot in India next month. Maybe I'll go from a warm fall in CA, to a warm India if there isn't any freak change in the weather here. So, my aunt Liz sent me a very encouraging verse that she stumbled upon. It's very applicable to me (and of course everyone):
Isaiah 52:12--But you will not go out in haste, nor will you go as fugitives; For the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be you rear guard.
Thanks for sharing that Lizzy :) So, as I've mentioned the India team has a meeting this Sunday. Before the meeting, the team preparing the dramas for the trip(which I'm apart of) is gathering to prepare. It'll be great, and I know we have some great ideas. I will also have an update about my support afterwards. More information about the trip if you didn't know: we are leaving December 26th, 2008 and returning January 10th, 2009. Our only stop is in London. We are going to be helping put on a crusade and vacation bible school, helping the untouchables, maybe visiting a nursing school of women who have been saved from a former life of prostitution, visiting an orphanage, a Bible college, rural villages, dedicating a clean water well and a lot more. Because we aren't going to be in urban areas, the women on the team will be wearing traditional Indian sari's, and the men will be wearing pants (just a little side note). If you're interested in looking at the ministries we are going to be helping, more info can also be found at

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Burritos, Frapaccino's, kids imaginations and India

My day began earlier than I thought it would...a combination of the time change and that the past few days I have been waking up rather early (but really it's not too early, so it's ok). I need to work on being able to fall back to sleep easier and falling asleep in daylight (Amanda had some helpful tips for me). Honestly, I know it will really help with regards to India when I know I need to be sleeping during a time that's not evening in PST. But I overcame some tiredness and was able to have lunch with Laur...tasty Los Primos, which I had not had in a long time. I wish Laur and I could have been able to have a longer time for lunch but that wasn't possible because she had to work and I had to get going too. It's been hard to not see her as much or be able to do things spur of the moment with her, but she is in the work force now, and an engaged woman. I'm so excited for Laur and Kyle...and my hope is to be able to be with Laur as she gets ready for this unique and once in a lifetime experience of getting married. Then, I got to see my little bro for a short while... and just a side note, it's not a good idea to give that little man a frapaccino (I've learned my lesson). I guess I really wanted Starbucks, and he was with me, and of course the cool big sister bug kicked in. But he made it seem okay by saying "dad always lets me". Then my dad actually said "I've only let you have one probably two times ever". Eleven year old boy + frapaccino= not a good idea. After he simmered down, I was able to really help him with math homework, which was encouraging.
Much later on in the evening, I babysat. That's when the entertainment portion of my day continued. I was reading a nighttime story to an eight year old; an informational kids book about ancient history. We were reading about the Great Wall of China, and I said "you can actually see it from space" and he said "yeah but in real life you can't". Then came the part about Stonehenge and the little boy said "when they made it, it was really big but now it's this small" as he made a measurement showing me a space of about a centimeter he made with two fingers. Then, when we got to the tombs in Egypt he said "yeah but in Egypt they don't use tombs anymore. Just when someone dies they dig a hole where they died. Or, if there's no room they just dig a hole somewhere else". And he said that in the Sphinx there is a "man who has a face that is half robot". Who would have thought that thousands of years ago, people were half robots. My history must be way off. Kids have such clever imaginations, it cracks me up. I enjoy hearing what they have to say.
I was able to talk with my dear friend Stephanie, and we also had time to pray to our Heavenly Father. And I sort of had a revolution that I thought was pretty cool. It's so hard to accept our mistakes. Think about it. We have a justice system of "law and order" that punishes wrongdoings that are caught. And of course people need to be taught right from wrong, and we live in a society with many many other people and a poor choice I make can definitely affect a lot of other people. Peoples outright disobedience and poor decisions have influenced me personally, and I'm sure that I've made poor choices that have affected others; but it's because of needing to teach right from wrong as well as the fact the we live in community with others that makes it harder to accept the justice in Jesus dying on the cross and our sins being abolished because someone else took care of them for us.
I just thought I'd share about how I'm learning and being challenged. (I really am trying to prepare myself for India...hence the working on my sleep patterns as one of the things to prepare). I hope everyone who reads it enjoys (even if it is just one person). G'nite.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Being Apart of History

Today was another day of firsts for me :) I voted today in my very first election (thanks to Candy for helping me be able to!). In 2004, my birthday was two weeks after the voting happened so I didn't get to participate in the democracy that I live in. Honestly, it was fast, not difficult and afterward I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride for taking part in making decisions for my country. I am proud that the voting rate of Americans increased during this election. I feel as if one of the biggest things I can appreciate is people taking a stance for what they believe or feel. And I can definitely appreciate people taking the initiative and researching candidates, issues, propositions and getting off their keisters to vote. At the same time people, I sense that people are loosing hope and are becoming angry. Remember that we live in a country where the people have power. And the president (whether democrat or republican) has checks and balances to what he (or she) can do. If something happens that you don't like, we can take it up with the government. And lets be filled with some hope, or at least some optimism for our next president. Both candidates have been in the Senate for a while and they have not been kicked out for a reason (perhaps because they are both doing their jobs). Lets just see what happens before we assume the worst, and know we are each our own individual and the government does not dictate our values and beliefs. Shouldn't our faith be much greater than any sort of organization or institution that humans have established. And just remember, we are in America, not a severely oppressed third world country...we are so privileged. I'm just trying to give some perspective and try to not get up in arms about it myself.
So, now for India topics. Today marks 52 days until I get on an airplane for Andhra Pradesh, India. Oddly, today was a day that it was even more real that I am going...I was talking with a family I babysit for and they wanted me to watch their kids on New Years Eve and I had to say "that's when I'm going to be out of the country"!!! Considering that this will be my first time out of the country, I'm pretty excited to say that. Also, the India team has a meeting this weekend; and the drama team on the India trip (which I'm apart of) is meeting beforehand, so things are definitely moving there. We all have a lot of great ideas for ways that as a team, we can display Christ and the Lord through drama (like the parable of the Good Samaritan). Well, here is to this election and what the next four years will bring.
Until next time, God bless you all!
p.s., I think I'm sort of beginning to get the hang of this blog thing :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

My very first blog!

I've never blogged before, but I love to read friends blogs and see what is happening in their lives. Hence, I thought I would start my keep people updated on my India trip that is coming up and the multitude of things going on. I did the count today and it's 53 days until I take off for Andhra Pradesh, India (for a whole two weeks)! I hope y'all enjoy and I'll keep it updated :)

Peace out