Saturday, March 20, 2010

Long time, no blogging...

I can't believe it's been 16 days since I've last blogged...that's a long time.  I've been babysitting like a mad woman.  Things are going really well with that.  I love the places where I am babysitting.  It's been bringing me a lot of joy and laughter.  And also some great opportunities where I'm going to become a Licensed Childcare Provider.  I am also still waiting (and trying my very very best be also be patient) to hear from CBU.  I took a (very) quick weekend trip to the Bay Area last weekend to drive a friend to her parents and I also got to spend a day w/ my aunt, uncle & cousins.   I haven't seen them in a while (I think since this summer) so it was amazing to see them.  My little sister came home for a week on her Spring break, and I enjoyed her being here (surprisingly, we got along well).  I've been tired lately, because my schedule has really been that crazy busy.  But some exciting things are that I am moving in about two weeks, and the wedding of my best friend is in about 4 weeks.  :)  Anyway, I think that's about it...if I have anymore to blog about, I will :)  I'll leave you with some funny things that kids I sit for have said/done.

  • A 5 year old boy I sit for got new neighbors, whose ethnicity is Chinese.  We were playing outside, and the neighbors come out and get in their car.  As they drive away the 5 year old says "Brittani, that's are new neighbors.  They eat Chinese food.  They are from China.".  (Kids don't typically filter what they say.  Good thing the neighbors car windows were rolled up.)
  • The mom of the 5 year old mention above came home, and I was about ready to leave.  His mom always pays me cash and he understands that; and sometimes the mom lets the kids hand me the money.  So, the 5 year old boy says "mom, can I give Brittani my money?" and proceeds to get his moms wallet out of her purse.  
  • Same 5 year old, and his 4 year old sister will randomly burst out singing Bon Jovi "shock to the heart, and your too late.  You give love a bad name"....oh my goodness, does that get me every time (partly because I like Bon Jovi and it's just so funny...I know their dad influenced them on that one & I wonder if he knows it)
  • I was at the park with a 2 year old boy & 4 year old girl.  They were playing with a 3 year old boy who was at the park.  The 3 year old boy was digging a good size hole and his sitter asked him "what are you digging?".  He said "I'm digging to China, cause Jesus is there".  I was right there, so I said "yeah, you're right Jesus is there"   (all of this is beginning to make me realize there's a Chinese theme here with these kids...)
  • getting big open mouth kisses from a cute little 11 month old when I do "airplane" with her or pretend to throw her up in the air because she likes it so much :)
  • at the pre-school of the 5 year old boy I mentioned, there was an area of the playground marked off with red caution tape.  One of the boys friends was running around by it (and where I was standing) and says "I'm going into the danger zone" and lifts the tape up and goes under.  It reminded me of something that could be said in the movie Top Gun or something and then the song "Highway to the Danger Zone" starts playing

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sitting, waiting, wishing

"I've been sitting, waiting wishing" to hear anything back from CBU...but I haven't heard anything.  And at this point I really hope that not hearing anything is a good thing (or at least not a bad thing).  Something that I am being reminded of and taught is that I really need to utilize the power of prayer.I have so many people in my life who believe in prayer and I know pray for me; but I need to use these prayer warriors in regards to this aspect of my life because I haven't been good/disciplined with this.  So, if you guys would be able to pray for me I would so appreciate it!  And keep 'em coming!  Well, that's all the update really...and I'll leave you with some funny kid stories/quotes
  • little 3 year old girl says to her adoptive brother "when I get older, will you marry me" her cutest little girl voice...her brother says "no, I'm gonna marry Ryder" (his friend) many things about this made me laugh...but I didn't at the time because it was very heartfelt :)
  • little four year old girl calls her friend whose name is Antonia, "Aunt Onia"
  • I'm watching a 4 year old girl and 5 year old boy for a few nights this week and the 4 year old girl has wanted to sleep with me at night...I let her and a couple times during the night I woke up to her snuggling with me...she's precious.  I'm sure she thought it was a fun sleepover.