Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the swing of things

I'm back onto the blog.  lol.  I finally feel a bit more adjusted to sleep and all that jazz.  My body is feeling slowly but surely back to normal.  Seeing as I've never gone out of the country and been in an entirely different time zone, way of living and way of eating etc this is new to me and I feel like it's been okay adjusting, but the tiredness and adjusting period just something that's is inevitable.  It's been awesome to have so many people excited to hear about all the things that happened in India and how the trip was for me.  And I promise that when I have a little more time in the next couple of days I will post more pictures and stories.  But for now, I've got to get back to studying.  A prayer request would be diligence and the focus and energy for my school work!  Thanks everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back in Orange County

Hi everyone!  So, I'm back in O.C. safe and sound.  Everything went beautifully well in India.  I had such a great time.  From the wonderful people, all the differences from America, and all the memories that I have of the trip and the change in me from what I've witnessed there.  I'm trying to get situated back at home and unpack etc but maybe today or tomorrow I'll have more pics and more stories up here!  Love you all and thanks again for everything!

p.s., I believe that I've fixed the comment problem, so if anyone wants to leave a comment it should be set up now :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Last Day in Tenali!

Hi everyone. So, we are heading to Hyderabad this afternoon to spend the night because we have a 7:30am flight tomorrow. But yesterday we had a great day! We had lunch with some of the pastors who were in town from the Bible college. Then we went to another pastors conference; after that we went to the memorial site of Lolitha Kumar (Suresh and Sudheer's mom) and put flowers on her site. Then we went to the Bible College graduation which was such a celebration--children dancing, singing, fireworks and lots of joy! This morning we went to see the RH orphan children again and take pictures and do a lot of things to get ready for sponsorship by the RH congregation! It really means so much that RH supports them (and it really is such a small amount compared to what it costs here, it definitely an attainable thing to make happen and make a difference in these beautiful kids lives). We just were told that before we head to Hyderabad we have two water well dedications to attend! But, this will be the last blog until we reach LAX. God bless you all, thank you for the prayers and support!

India, day 5

Hi everyone! So, I am having an amazing time still. I'm a little tired at this point so if yuo could be praying for that, it's much appreciated. It's crazy that we've only got a few more days left. It's been quite an experience so far. Lots to tell when I get back. Here's the latest blog from the team:
Wednesday was another filled day. We started out going to do a water well dedication, which the people in the villiage also turned into a full on church service, and got to speak to the people and sing and dance. While we were in the village they also showed us a few authentic house huts which was pretty cool. The people were so joyful and welcoming and hospitable. Then, we were able to have lunch with Suresh's brother Sudeer at his house. It was a beautiful house and you can tell he is a dear brother to Suresh and great host. We also were blessed to see the house where Suresh was actually born and raised, and where his mom did the beginning work for Harvest India. After that, we went to help at a medical camp where we did an outreach on Tuesday. The people were grateful to receive medical care and it was fun to interact with the kids and sing songs with them (thanks to Kelli!!). Then, in the evening we went to a pastors conference and sang songs and shared with the pastors from many parts of India. They traveled very far, and there were four different translators and languages represented there. It was an amazing day and we can't believe how fast the time is going. We'll update you soon with more of what we're doing!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad banana...bad, bad banana

Hi everyone! Here's the post from the team's blog. Everything is going well, and I am feeling better, and bug bites are getting better too! I'm so excited for what we're doing today!:

We had a great day yesterday, filled with lots of flowers and hugs and kisses! (First, the bad banana is a song the orphan kids sang that was so fun) We got up for breakfast and Suresh's staff made us Indian style banana pancakes, which were delicious! Then, we walk a little bit down the street while trying to dodge traffic and not get hit by cars, to where they were holding a Mercy camp where they pass out food to local people who do not have a means of getting food. We sangs songs with the people there and they loved singing "Yes Lord" and doing the hand motions. Suresh's staff had them line up and we gave each person an egg, bread and a banana. This is something that Harvest India does once a week in their village. Then right next to the Mercy Camp was the free medical clinic Harvest India has started and we prayed for the people receiving the free medical care. Then we walked just a little down the road to the nursing school for Dalith's (which are the lowest class in India). The school they have there is pretty well run and has a school lab with bones and microscopes just like an Anatomy class in the U.S.; the women there were beautiful and welcoming and joyful. Suresh's vision is to take these women in the lower class and provide a public nursing school that doesn't accept bribes to be accepted like government run schools. And it gives the woman a job where their lot in life is improved because nurses are respected and welcomed. After that we went to the red light district and spoke with people there who were living in a lot of poverty and some women there were former prostitutes working for Harvest India trying to help women in prostitution still. Then we went to two elderly homes and had lunch with them. And we gave them new sari's and spent time with them. The people had joy and were funny and spunky. Then we actually had a night home at Suresh's/Harvest India headquarters were we watched a Bollywood movie. It was fun and we are now ready for today's busy day. God bless!

Monday, March 9, 2009

India day 4!!!

Hi everyone! Yesterday was an amazing day!!! I am having a lot of fun and seeing so much here! Thanks for all the love, prayer and support! Some prayer requests are for the people in India, for the work Suresh is doing, and the things the team is doing. Also, for my cold and the bug bites that I still have. Thanks!!! Here's the team blog with some pictures!!!:

Yesterday was an amazing and jammed packed day!!! Before breakfast we assembled bags filled with bookmarks, construction paper and pens for the orphan children. Then after a delicious breakfast we headed off to the Rockharbor Orphan School. We had such a welcoming there with the kids showering us with flowers and songs and dances. They are remarkable kids and we enjoyed our time with them and are looking forward to seeing them later this week too. Next to the RH Orphanage they were having an HIV/AIDS Awareness Camp where we handed out food and prayed for those with HIV/AIDS. Then we visited the Bible college and were able to speak to the students and encourage them and see their work and dedication. After that, next door was the Ashraya Building which is Telelgi for "shelter"; it's a place where women who were saved from prostitution live, work, learn a trade (which is sewing) and begin a new life. We spent time with them and spoke with them and even had some time to look at the handbags and pajamas that they make and sell for a living and to support each other. Our last stop of the afternoon was visiting the site of the new orphan school where 21 new classrooms are being made just down the street from the RH Orphange. It should be finished in about six months. It was amazing for the veterans on the team to see the progress made, as well as seeing God's provision for the building, and how everything is being built by individual hands (cement is being made by one person in bowl to lay tile, for example).Then, last night we had another outreach at a village about 50 minutes away. We even had to ask for directions to the village because it was a little difficult to find. We sang some songs, Bree and Aida gave their testimonies, had a drama skit, and Alfred gave a message. During the event the power went out, but it gave us the perfect opportunity to see the beautiful fireflies. Lots of people stood up and gave their life to Christ. The kids at the outreach and the school are so full of energy and wonder. They always ask "what is your name, sister/brother?". It was a late night but it was amazing to be used to advance the Kingdom.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Indian Life

Hi everyone! So, here's the latest post for the India team blog; but first I am having a great time! The people here are amazing! They are so generous and hospitable with the little they have. And they love Americans. Suresh and his wife Christina are great people, and I am enjoying staying at their house! I would say one of the funniest/coolest parts was last night when we got out in the crowd and prayed for people a man came up to me and I had played Satan in the skit that we did and he says "lucifer" and smiles and said it again. He totally got it and got the message. :) So, some prayer requests would be for team unity, joy, strength and rest. Also, for me specifically for rest and my health and ability to relate to and show Christ's love and compassion to the people. I sort of have a cold and bug bites on my arm (which everyone on the team basically has bug bites, but they're just itchy).

Hi everyone! We are very sorry for the lack of blogs the first 2 days. It was a little difficult at first being able to get the whole computer situation set up. But, the blogs will be coming hopefully everyday now. Here's a little recap of the first couple days.
Day 1 (Saturday)
We got into India at 4:30AM and Suresh's assistant Raj picked us all up at the airport. After about 24 hours traveling on a plane we had another 7-8 hours in the car to Suresh's house/Harvest India headquarters. The drive was pretty adventurous...going in and out of big cars to pass them, as well as the bicyclists, cows, monkeys and other animals. The road is a free for all. lol. When we drove up to Suresh's house and we greeting by about 20-30 people with garland. It was such an amazing welcome. Then the girls got fitted for our punjabi's and sari's and the guys got fitted for their "safari suits". We had an amazing "lunch" of curry chicken and then we had the rest of the day to rest, which was such a great idea on Suresh's part.

Day 2
We got up and had a wonderful India breakfast! (which we are all really enjoying the food here!) Then we went to two churches in villages about 30 minutes away. There Kevin gave a message, while Ashley, Bree, Alfred, Brittani and Krystal gave a little testimony or just shared a few words of encouragement from the Bible. We also sang two songs that we performed with the hand motions, and the congregation seemed to enjoy it. At the last church they were so generous and shared a meal with us. Then, last night we held an outreach at a village about minutes away(which is basically the only way we can describe the location.) :) We had a message, performed four songs and did a skit; and Kim and Connie gave their testimonies. Then we had an alter call and a lot of people gave their life to Christ! Then, we had a time to pray for people who were sick/need prayer and a lot of people were prayed for. After, the people were so generous and fed us a delicious dinner; during which Suresh had a woman come up to him who was prayed for at an outreach last month because she had a tumor in her abdomin and a week after she got prayer she went to the doctor and they cuold not find the tumor anymore! Praise God! On our drive home there was such thick fog (only in India) but our fearless drivers got us home safe! Thank you all for your prayers and keeping up with the team! More to come! God bless!

Thursday, March 5, 2009