Saturday, February 28, 2009

This is for real!!!

So, yesterday was a pretty big "wow" moment.  It felt so real that I am going to India.  I was babysitting and when the mom of the little girl got home she prayed for me and was so excited and encouraging!  It was at that moment that this trip seemed even more real to me.  I am just so blessed that I am able to go, that all my support has been raised, and that I have so many people who care and are excited for me!  I feel so covered in love and prayer and support that it has really changed my spirit.  Last weekend I was a little bit anxious and frantic about going, and I am not exactly quite sure why.  I just have so many praises for so many blessings.  Like the fact that in both of my classes, I get to take my makeup midterms almost a week and a half after I get back because we have Spring break when I get back and my teachers don't want to come to school on their week off!!!  God has just so provided!  Talk about a relief, and feeling so covered and protected and blessed by the LORD!  And I actually feel this week has been full of little reminders by God.  (And I know to some this may seem cheesy, but to me I know it's His touch).  I was working at my aunt's company and went into the mailroom (which normally doesn't have people's things left in it) and someone left the newspaper there with the page turned to all these adorable children in India watching the Oscars on a TV and they all knew the little boy who played in "Slumdog Millionaire".  Also, I went to the store on Tuesday specifically to buy yogurt with active cultures to help my GI tract for the trip, and I bought 2 packs, which I realized totaled eight yogurts which just happened to be the exact number of days that I needed to eat the yogurt until we take off for India; and after I had already bought them and put them away, the expiration date said "March 5", which is the day we take off.  Just little ways to show me that He is real and that He wants me to go and He is going to make it happen.  Thank you all for your prayers and support and care through all of this.  I know it is going to be such an amazing trip!  And I know that there is a reason for us not going in December!  I feel very much at peace about going and am waiting in an awesome anticipation now, and not anxiety!  Thank goodness!  Shalom to you all!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go Kori, it's your Burfday!!!

Today is my little sister's birthday! She's 18!!! What an exciting time! Well, this is a shout out to you Kor! You are an awesome sister. I am so proud of the great things you have done, the things you are going to do, and the funny, smart, beatiful person you've become. Here's a little video just for you :) (I had to do's too funny.)

p.s., India in 7 days! Woo hoo!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

11 days to go!!!

It's just about 3:00pm, and I am tired!  Geez!  (Partly because someone in my house got up early for some reason today and made a lot of noise, and I couldn't go back to sleep from that...and the thing was that I noticed I actually hadn't moved from the position and spot I went to sleep...that's how soundly I was sleeping...a little bit annoying on a Sunday morning when I wanted to sleep in until a normal time.  The other part was that I was housesitting/dogsitting this past week and it went well but you can never sleep as well as your own house).  I had a marathon weekend so far of being commissioned at 3 church services for India.  That was really cool.  I felt covered in prayer by the whole congregation, and people I knew actually came up on stage and prayed over me.  I don't know why but I have this sense of really wanting to be in prayer for this trip, and in the Word.  Perhaps the fact that the last trip never happened is still lingering a little bit.  But I know that we are going this time!  Anyway, after the 3rd service commissioning we had a team meeting.  During which we talked about the trip and assembled gifts for the 450 orphans we're gonna visit!  We are really gonna have to jump right into praying for people and giving a mini message we have each prepared.  No holding back because we don't have the availability of watching the veterans go first.  Anyway, last minute we formed a little drama team and did a little run through of a skit that we were gonna do before.  It turned out ok, and pretty easy.  So, I am going to do some studying/schoolwork and then I have to record the video at the last two church services tonight.  What a crazy day!  Well, could you all be praying for the India teams hearts, our preparation, for the logistics of getting everything done in order to leave, our safety and health and that we would do a mighty work for the Kingdom!  And personally, for my tests before I leave and resting and getting everything done and staying in the Word and being revived and energized and renewed!  It really has been a pretty good week though...pretty relaxing and had lots of time for study.  And one of the coolest parts was starting cat dissections in my Anatomy lab!  At first I didn't want to do anything, I but on more of an "observer" role.  Haha.  Then the following day I got more into that was a big reassurance.  Well, shalom and love :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Being Vigilant

Let me paint a picture for you (with words).  A 22 year old applying to grad school for nursing, taking demanding pre-req's for grad school at the same time, and also getting ready to go on a 10 day mission trip to India (which, by the way is 17 days away). I have a lot going on?  lol.  The funny thing is that this almost seems normal for me because I've always taken a lot on.  However, I don't want to take it lightly.  Yesterday I had it placed on my heart to be extra vigilant about all these things going on.  Making sure I am covered by God's Word at least once a day and I am also going to be fasting too sometime before I go to India.  I desire to do all of these things in order to grow in my relationship with the Lord, as well as honor Him and intercede in prayer for all of these things.  My question and call to any of you readers is, would you like to be vigilant with me?  In any way, shape of form.  I would appreciate it, and I know God hears it and sees it.  And, it would fill my heart so much if you wanted to let me know too, and we can be apart of something together.  Well, thanks guys and God bless.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I've got a fever baby, and the only cure is more cowbell!

So, I got through this past week.  Lots of early morning studying, and latte's.  But God still provided amazingly...having some babysitting jobs get canceled, by really helping me study, and I know this sounds weird (but it's so God) but it felt like God really increased my brain's capacity to retain information.  Anyway, after my midterm on Saturday I had a great time going to the art show of a woman I babysit for.  It was quite fun to hang with them a little bit outside of babysitting, and it was at the church we both go to which was awesome.  (Rockharbor loves to display the arts). 
Anyway, the concert I went to featuring Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and Sean Watkins from Nickel Creek was a great way to treat myself after a 3 1/2 hour midterm.  It was a great venue and such a great show...Molly Jensen even opened for Fiction Family!!  It was fun.  I will admit, also a little adventurous because Stephanie and I parked about 2 or 3 residential blocks away from the venue and because the streets were so wack, I sort of caused us to take a detour in walking to the venue.  Slight setback...but we made it with plenty of time to spare.  Yesterday, I had a meeting for the mission trip to India, and it was awesome.  I feel like we are a close nit team, and even though we are all slightly still processing not going in December and feeling like going in March is not real yet, I am certain that we are going then for a reason and that God is going to lift our spirits and do so much work through us.  I am hopeful and faithful that He is going to surprise us.  We are going to visit homes for the elderly and the "schools" (we would call them orphanages) and AIDS/HIV hospitals and do a clean water well dedication and visit a center that International Princess Project has built to give women who were in prostitution a job making clothes and such.  We are also "99% sure" going to be staying at Suresh's four story house instead of a hotel (for safety and monetary reasons--but I think it's pretty cool).  It's exciting and I know that our plans are solidified, and this trip was going to happened actually, even if the December trip did's not a "pity trip" or lesser trip.  The leaders made sure we knew that, it really had a purpose and God is protecting us.  So, if you could keep praying for me, the team and the trip that would be awesome.  Pray for our hearts, our courage (because it's a shorter trip and less time to acclimate to the culture shock we need it) and our health.  Also, the weather is usually 90-105' C in March, so I'm a little concerned about that for us.  Thanks everyone, and God bless!  23 more days until takeoff!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Study Time

So, I wanted to let y'all know that I will be studying this week and have made the decision to be on a little hiatus with my bloggy blog.  But, if you would keep me in your prayers because I am feeling a lot pressured (by myself) and I really want to do well.  I'll be back to tell you more about the meeting for India that will be in exactly one week!