Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Time

So, this week has already been really busy (what week isn't busy for me usually????) On top of working a lot, I've been spending time with the family because we've been video chatting with my 'lil sis in Chico, CA. This was my brilliant idea that she "poo-pooed" when she left for college about 5 weeks ago...however, homesickness has set in and now she thinks it's the most awesome thing in the world (which it is totally up there). It's been awesome to see her beautiful face and see her feel better to see us and talk with us here in Orange County. :) Other things that have been occupying my time is something of the type that would create a lot of change in my life. It's not drastic and it's something that is not even in the stages of happening. I'm entertaining the idea of moving into a place with my own room...this is because rent has increased at the place I'm living and I feel I'm paying too much to share a room. I've been looking and have found some places that are just about the amount that I'm paying for rent but it'd be my own room. Anyway, I'll leave y'all with a video of my dad & brother playing ping-pong with their new ping-pong table. Sorry that the quality is really bad...I had my camera but the battery was dead so this is with my phone. Notice the part where my brother says "I own dad". Much love! ~B

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My India Support Letter

As you may recall, I have been talking about my India missions trip for a little while now but I have (finally) finished my support letter and wish to share it. I put it out there because heck, you never know who might be looking at my blog and might want to help in my fundraising. If you are interested in me sending you this letter my mail, please let me know! Drum roll please:

Hi friends and family,

I have the exciting opportunity to share with you about my returning to India on another mission’s trip with ROCKHARBOR church! As you may remember, I went to India in March; and I have the chance to help lead a team of 33 ROCKHARBOR members going to Andhra Pradesh, India this December. The first trip to India was truly memorable and we were able to accomplish great things. It was such a blessing to be able to interact with the people on staff at Harvest India as well as help build relationships with people in remote villagesl we were able to supply them with food, clean water and share our faith with them and that we want to give because we have been given so much. It was also eye opening because I saw first hand the cast system as well as the poverty and great need in the country, which Harvest India is trying to make strives to improve. Now I have the unique privilege of helping lead a trip.
Our team will be traveling from December 26th to January 9th. During our trip we will be: helping provide villages with wells for pure drinking water, giving food and medical aid to the poor and those considered untouchable, aiding the pastors in evangelist events to reach many villages with the hope of the Gospel and also giving support and hope for a better life to a local orphanage Rockharbor sponsors.

Our first and most important support needed is prayer. We are asking for prayer:
• For our team safety while traveling, and during our time in India
• That we are spiritually prepared for any spiritual battles that may be encountered
• That we may share the Gospel boldly & with the love that Our Savior Jesus has shown us
• For unity, support, flexibility and compassion within our team
• That people we meet will have hearts prepared to receive Jesus as their Lord & Savior, and One True God
• That all the team members will be able to raise the financial support necessary to go
• That the pastors, church planters and people of India will be encouraged and strengthened as followers of Christ.

Secondly, there is a need for financial support if you feel called to also participate financially. I have committed to raise $3,500. If you would like to make a donation to my trip or know of others who would, please make donations payable to ROCKHARBOR Church. Please do not write my name or the country anywhere on the check. You may use the included return envelope, which is already addressed and indicates that the donation is for my trip. If you use your own envelope, please mail it to:
Attn: India/Brittani Ehrhorn
3080 Airway Ave. Suite A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Please note that donations are tax deductible and are non refundable. All donations will go towards the overall cost of the trip, and any excess funds will first help to cover the team’s costs and secondly will be gifted to the ministry we are going to serve.
Thank you all very much for your support of this ministry; I am so blessed for you to be apart of it alongside me.


Friday, September 18, 2009

HAPPY (Beleated) Birthday (post) MOM!!!

It was my mom's birthday this week. I definitely am not late in saying happy birthday to her...I know this because I got up early on her birthday so that we could have a family birthday breakfast (of cinnamon rolls) before my brother went to school; and then we also went to dinner as a family that night. Since I spend time with her on her actually birthday that is my excuse for this birthday post being late....But I love you very much mom! Your endless amount of love and caring is what makes you a great mom! And another great thing about you is you like to have fun. I love you mom! May this year be filled with even more blessings than the last.

(I know this picture isn't the best quality; but it's one of me & my mom so I wanted to show it)

A week full of good things

This week has been really awesome. I have done my share of babysitting, but I have also had one or two nights free. I seized opportunity & was able to spend time with my very good & dear friend Lauren (as well as her fiance). I love spending time with them. It was also my mom's birthday so I was able to spend time with family. I have also been trying to get into a class at OCC but it's been full. I am also trying to get in contact with another teacher from another class to see if I could get into a class at a different time. We also had an India leadership meeting that went really well. I am getting more excited about the trip & excited for how it's making me keep my faith strong, and call on God and be prayerful and seeking Him more and more. Well, I'll leave you with some funny kid stories.
  • A little 3 year old girl I watch had to "go potty" and I let her go but went in a couple seconds later after her see if she need help buttoning pants or anything; I asked her if she wiped and she said "No" and I ask why not. Her reply..."I'll wipe tomorrow"
  • Babysat over the weekend for 2 boys...when I said they couldn't play with water and get muddy and dirty the oldest said "You're no fun". I made up a modified game with water that wouldn't get them really wet (but they found ways to get dirty still). And after I read to them in bed, the littlest boy said "Brittani, I like you" (in a "you're really cool" kind of way). And he prayed that I'd have a safe drive home.
  • Those same two boys could not believe it when I told them I have two sisters, and growing up we never played Legos.
  • I picked up the 4 year old boy I watch from Pre-K this week. My car was kind of hot from the mid-day heat so I rolled the windows down. Next thing I know the little boy has his arm up in the air in the wind and yells "armpit" and started laughing. I guess his armpits needed cooling down.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little mushy mush, and an update

Phew...It's been a little while since I wrote a new post...again. Sorry y'all. It's definitely been busy for me. Lots of babysitting and such...which means that even though I'm crazy busy, things are not how they were a few months ago where I had little work. Anyway, I'm also hoping to get into a class at OCC this semester. Don't know how that's gonna go though because the class is full. So, I wanted to share a little insight that I've gotten this week. There have been multiple instances this where my family has contacted me this week. And it's made me realize two things...1)I really love my family...they are funny, awesome, loving and caring 2) I'm really bad at contacting the people I love (for example, my grandpa's b-day was on the 2nd and I did not call to tell him happy b-day!!! I felt like such a horrible granddaughter! But I called him the next day and apologized and he was understanding and was still thankful for the call.) So, I am going to try to make it a point to be more intentional with keeping in touch with those I love. (And this is going to be made a heck of a lot easier thanks to my new handy dandy Bluetooth...I haven't had one for a few months and it's definitely made my calling a heck of a lot less frequent. Because, yes, I obey the law and don't talk on the phone without a hands-free device.) Anyway, hope you all can learn from my poor ability to keep in touch and remember to keep relationships you care about going :)