Sunday, July 28, 2013

More updates

Thank you all for your prayers.  My doctors don't think that my aorta has enlarged as much as they previously thought, but I am actually going to get an echocardiogram this week to be sure.  If you could be praying for that, I'd really appreciate it!  I know that God is big, miraculous and supernatural.  It is such a desire of my heart (no pun intended...kinda, haha) for a miracle to happen even this week where it would shrink.  My faith may only be a mustard seed, but it is there.  And I believe.  I want my God to show doctors and myself how big He is.
 Another prayer request that I have, if it's not too much to ask, is about school.  I've hit some roadblocks that are making things a little more difficult.  Thankfully though, they are not deterring me from actually applying to grad school at the end of the year.  It feels tough though.  I won't felt like a blow.  But not one that knocked me down for long.  My prayer would just be guidance from the Father and direction from Him.  And that He would be first, not my own plans.

Well, I will give you another update after my tests on Thursday!  I pray you all have a blessed week.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 Years Later: Then & Now

2 years ago this week, my life was kind of rocked.  Two huge events happened in one of them was finding out my aorta was enlarged at a Turner Syndrome conference.  I went to the same annual TS conference this weekend.  And I received another echocardiogram from the same cardiologist.  It looks like I have to go in for some more testing because my aorta may have gotten even more dialated.  The echo I had this weekend was a great marker, but I may need to get another MRI. I am working with my cardiologist at UCLA and the Dr. who did the echo at the conference to determine all of this.  And I am so grateful for the Turner Syndrome society for putting the conference on to make women with TS more aware of concerns and help them by bringing in the most knowledgeable medical professionals and up to date information. I am beyond blessed to have this preventative care before something significant happened with my health, and I can monitor it.  If you could all be in prayer about the comparisons of the measurements that the doctors are looking at and the wisdom and ability to see if there are any more concerns.

Well, on a more lively note, the conference wasa a huge blast!  So much insight and useful information.  So much fun spending time with women I have an immediate bond with and understanding of.  We even danced the night away after attending sessions all day.  The Turnee Syndrome Society of the US is really doing a wonderful job helping others, creating connections and networks, and creating a great support group.

Thanks for reading, and I will be trying to post more regularly & keep an update about my heart too.  Peace & love