Saturday, May 3, 2014

Back to the beginning again

I feel like there is something big (and good) happening. In the middle of hard stuff, God is bringing me back to what matters.  To quote a Switchfoot song "back to the beginning again".  Peeling off layers and having to get down to what matters at the core.  And also allowing me to process not getting into grad school this year. It's a lot to take in.  The beautiful thing is that the last three weeks have felt a bit freeing for me.  Perhaps because I have nothing that is unknown and waiting in my life.  But I feel more spontaneous, uninhibited & not held back by fear.  A lot of this took place when I was in Hawaii two week ago...which I will write about soon.

So, a short update.  One of the amazing things that has been that I've found hot that there are many states in the US that have entry level MSN programs.  And I am going to look into them and apply if the programs match my goals and translate back to California too.  The timing is perfect because I don't think at any other point in my life I would be open to this.  It's going to require a lot of work, so if you could be keeping me in your prayers I would so greatly appreciate it.

Other things that are happening through all of this is that God has given me lots of great moments of peace and enjoyment with people who have made life even greater and filled with community.  Literally every night this week has been filled with such great quality time with people, and it has made my heart full.

I'll leave you with Switchfoot lyrics from their new album, Fading West. Happy Saturday!

Back To The Beginning Again
I can feel it building up inside
The images that play inside my mind
A dreams that I've been dreaming all my life
The colors that live outside of the lines

But dreams aren't all I hide beneath this skin
The cord is cut, the fears and doubts begin
My hope is anchored on the other side
With the colors that live outside of the lines

And the oceans roar
And the wheel's in spin
And the old chorus soars
Bring me back, bring me back to the beginning again

With the corrugated LA harbor stacks
With the weight of these machines across my back
I know a mountain road where time unwinds
But I'm busy living in a single-file line

And it all just sounds like poison on my ears
The background noise makes your voice so hard to hear
So I grit my teeth and straighten up my spine
I'm stuck in traffic on a dotted yellow line

And my heart is yours
And what a broken place it's in
But you're what I'm running for
And I want to feel the wind at my back again

Back to the beginning again
Back to the beginning again
I want to feel the wind at my back again
Back to the beginning again
Back to the beginning again
I want to feel the wind at my back again