Friday, July 16, 2010

A great cause, great deal, and great tee's!!!! Get your Haiti tee's!

Friends of mine (who I've mentioned before on this blog) are selling tees to help fundraise for their sons adoption...they are able to receive a grant for support they raise, but they haven't met their goal yet! So, they are selling their tees at half price! They're great tees. I have 2 myself & love them! Lets support this awesome family, awesome cause & awesome little boy who has been adopted! :) Also, if you live close to me I can save you on shipping by getting your shirt for you and we can plan to meet up & I can give it to you (because I sit for this family throughout the week).

Here's their post from their here or on the photos for the t-shirt shop link:

Okay, internet friends. Now is your chance. We are having a major - MAJOR - sale on our Haiti tees. Special price, just for you!



a) Our matching grant from Running for Orphans ends in ONE WEEK and we are still under our goal.
b) We might have ordered a few too many t-shirts.
c) I would like to allow the children back into the garage without fear of them being crushed by the T-Shirt Boxes Tower of Doom.

So . . . $10 a shirt. Pretty much at-cost, because these things aren't doing anybody any good in our garage. Much better that they be on YOU - reminding people to continue supporting Haiti.

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