Saturday, June 1, 2013

I am Squidward

Life has seemed to have a good amount of challenges lately.  In a way that is a bit of a sucker punch to the gut.  If I am honest, it's been a difficult two years with moments of less chaos and mess than others.  Things for be directly have been good in terms of work and school.  There are a lot of relational challenges happening right now. But I'm seeing God working through them and having his hand and it all for a long time. One of them being my family.  After a whirlwind two years behaviors and dynamic have gotten wonky.  My eyes have now been opened to the ways in which I have been seen like Squidward on Spongebob to the rest of my family. There...I said it!  Or, I can also be liked to Joan Cusak's character in the movie "Raising Helen".  You know the one I'm talking about...the sister who is the epitemy of a mom and loves flowers, potpourri and knitting.  But she can put kids in line with just a look.  Not that how I am made is bad, but these relationships have gotten too much into a funk.

He is also convicting me in so many aspects of my faith.  And I sense this huge stirring in me.  I know it's a work of the Holy Spirit because I can't even explain it.  I will just be super convicted of thing, or start to tear up about a certain matter -- like at this amazing conference with the Spirit filled Jen Hatmaker (  If you could be keeping all that in prayer as long as well as school. I'm taking summer school classes and in upping the ante with the schools I'm considering applying for it by the end of year and really doing my part and keeping my heart and options open.

On a lighter note, I am trying to incorporate more fun into my life.  And I definitely got to this week with one of the dearest, truest, funniest, real and beautiful friend and sister in Christ, Jen.  I went with her and her husband to their first Fiction Family concerts.  It was a blast to spend the day with Jen in San Diego and then go to the concert.

Happy weekend y'all!

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