Monday, December 22, 2008

some good news, and Merry Christmas...Feliz Navidad...Feliz Cumpleanos Jesus!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I am actually enjoying this Christmas season, and I hope that you are too.  If you aren't into classic Christmas carol's I highly recommend that you take a listen to Relient K's Christmas CD...a great rock kind of take on Christmas carols.  It's really interesting because I had a revelation about 2-3 weeks ago while singing Christmas songs.  I was actually enjoying singing and listening to them.  Then I remembered that for 9 years of my childhood, I had to perform multiple Christmas songs in front of the congregation and the school I attended (Kindergarden- 8th grade) each Christmas.  It was fun at the time, but it's a little scarring, or at least it will make a person not care much for Christmas songs.  For two years (5th & 6th grade!) my class also performed this full on choreographed dance down the church pews instead of singing.  But I am happy to say that there's been a change this Christmas!  I'm enjoying old-school Christmas carols.  
Well, I have some good news to speak of (in addition to the birth of Christ).  We had a meeting for India last week, and we have officially rescheduled the trip for March!  It is so exciting and relieving and an answered prayer that we are for sure planning on going back!  It's amazing to see how God is working through all of this.  And in March we'd get to spend a lot more one-on-one time with the orphans Rockharbor sponsors.  We will also be able to go to the Bible College graduation and bless and pray for new graduates who are going to pretty desolate places to start churches.  So, I urge you all to pray for the country and the people of India as well as our team (our safety, our unity and our hearts after the first trip being postponed).  

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