Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The "Now and Not Yet"...a "to be continued"...I'm in a state of waiting..."there's good news and there's bad news"...however you wanna say it

To those who may know, the last week or two in India has been quite a whirlwind.  Our India team met on Sunday and the leaders had made a thorough and thoughtful decision to postpone the trip.  A large reason for this is because the leaders checked into travel alerts issued by the US government and the alert issued by the U.S. describes a lot of the reason.  Here's the link for the India Travel Alert.  Suresh would be advertising the crusade we would have done and our arrival on a pretty large scale, and our safety would be pretty jeopardized because of this at the current time.  The leaders have gone over a dozen times in the last 9 years, and a warning like this and high security has never occurred.  Another factor is that 7 Indian airports were noted as high risk, and Hyderabad (the airport we would have flown into) was one of them.  To be honest, the fact that we won't be going this month is very disappointing and considering the journey it's taken me to get this far (I've applied to a few other global mission trips before and due to few spots didn't get in) I am so sad.  To make it even more difficult to deal with, I found out at the same meeting that all my support for the India trip has come in.  Two weeks before we're suppose to take off, I was in such a mindset to go and so was the whole team.  It feels like the rug has been taken out from underneath me.  But here is where the good news comes in and the "not yet" part.  As long as things are safe for us to go to India in March/April there will be a trip planned and I fully intend on going then.  If that does not happen, I will very very like go to on one of two Africa trips through Rockharbor this summer and all my funds can be used for the trip I go on from those choices.  Our airplane tickets are actually exchangeable and the funds can be used for the trip that I am able to go on.  (And heck, I have the malaria prescription already picked up and the 4 immunizations needed.)  I will say that today I am in a good place with all of this...I know it was the absolute right decision and I am hopeful that I will be going on a trip in the upcoming months.  I hope all of you who have supported understand, and of course if you are no longer comfortable giving right now and would like to get refunded, let me know....but do know that I have been in contact with the main organizer of the Africa trips already, and if I don't get to go to India then what I have raised so far will go to that (so the funds will not be used for anything other than my trip).  Thank you all for your love, your care and your enthusiasm and support; and keep checking the blog for updates because we are going to have a India team meeting either later this month or early January about the next steps for everyone.  I have hope that through this God will use all of our hard work and dedication in another way (and in a safer time).  I had an epiphany today thanks to the little cutie I was babysitting.  The little girl I was watching was upset that her mom had left, and I told her (and I don't know how I though of this myself) "I know it's sad, but you don't have to be sad".  Like, there is something that's a bummer that has happened but I don't have to dwell on that and I trust in the Lord and His timing, His protection and His provision.

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