Tuesday, January 27, 2009

37 Days Until Takeoff!

So, the countdown begins yet again! 37 days as of today. It's so exciting. We leave at 5:30pm on Thursday March 5th! Looking at how close it is, there is a lot the team needs to do (because we haven't met since December 17th) and the team is a lot smaller now, as well as having a lot to do in regards to preparing my heart more and being prepared and intentional (meaning being up to snuff with Bible versus and the language) on top of doing well in school and I have a test March 2 in one class, and I'm going to work out the exam for the second class that I'm in because it's scheduled for the day before we would get back to the States. Also, very importantly, I want to know everyone's heart in all of this and the journey knowing we aren't going to be doing the things that we planned on doing. So, if y'all could be praying for all of that I would be so grateful and I know the Father hears those prayers!
The funny thing is that just today I was talking to my roommate and I was saying I was a little worried because I haven't really heard much at all about the new trip, and a few other people I talked to on the team thought the same thing. Well, not very long after that I check my e-mail and the leaders sent us more info and we are still going...and our next meeting is at 1pm February 8th. (The difficult part for me about that is my friend Tselane's bridal shower is at 2pm, so we'll have to see how that'll all work). Anyway, thanks everyone for your prayers and I'll keep you all updated again soon! Love y'all!

p.s., I actually got into the class on Friday/Saturday that I needed to get into.  They did a lottery this weekend and got in!  Thank you Lord!

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