Saturday, January 17, 2009

"hug it out b-awch"

This last week has brought me it's share of ups and downs.  So, in the words of Michael Scott (from the show "The Office") when you have a problem "hug it out b-awch", or in my own way I'm gonna "blog it out, b-awch".  Here's a some of the highlights and low-lights of the week (and what I am gonna choose to do with them)
  • I got into one class that I really needed to get into for nursing school; and there is a good possibility that I'll get into the second.  The difficult part about it is that one of them is a Friday night AND Saturday morning class.  The good news about it is that I am loving the classes and am already learning.  If you'd like to know the 9 regions of the abdomen, let me know.  :)  I'm determined to excel in these classes.  However, the downside is that I usually proctor the SAT's at my alma mater once a month on Saturday morning for a good amount of money (which I rely on that nice check) and now I won't be able to the next couple months.
  • one of the classes that I have has a test scheduled for when I'm gonna be in India...the good news is class policy states I can ask my teacher and classmates to consider revising the test date...I'd probably have to tell them it's because I'm going to India (and I'm sure that'll spark some curiosity), so hopefully it'll be a cool time to minister and talk about my faith.
  • I've been in contact with a nursing admissions counselor at Cal Baptist University, and she was extremely generous and helpful and interested in me!  And she's gonna review my transcript to see if I could apply late to get in this May!  (pray requests for that please please)
  • not good news--my car speedometer and gages weren't working (yep, they were all completely on zero, empty, ziltch while driving on the freeway).  Good news-my dad isn't working so he was able to quickly help me see what the problem was with my car fuses.  
  • one of the highlights of the week: during the very little time I have to have lunch with a friend, I got to go to UCI and eat sweet potato fries with Tselane (she's the best!).
  • got to hang with my family last Sunday, and I had a great time.  But with family always comes some sort of dog bit my dad because my dad played too ruff with him--dad ended up having to get stitches.  Blessing about it: 1)dad learned a lesson, 2) as I was gonna drive my dad to the ER (because our primary care physician isn't open Sundays) the husband of our good friend Lisa (who is a nurse practitioner) just so happens to pull up at my parents to say hi and tells my dad not to go to the ER because Lisa's at home and she'll stitch him up.  She had everything at their house to clean the bite wound, numb it and stitch it up, and write a prescription for an antibiotic (everything someone in the ER would have done--and I got to watch it, so good practice for me).  We have such great people in our lives!  It saved us a stupid ER bill just for stitches and saved my dad and I about 4 hours in the ER.  Thanks Lisa!
  • last Saturday I got to utilize my Disneyland annual pass and go with Kristi and Stephanie...the park wasn't too busy and we went on a lot of rides for just a half day there.
  • yesterday I was babysitting this adorable two year old girl, right by my parents house; so, I brought her over because her family and my family are really close (two weekends ago went motorcycling riding together).  Anyway, my parents were acting so cute, giving the little girl sweets and Diet Coke and acting like she was their world and she was so cute that they just wanted to make her laugh, show her cool things and spoil her ( it's no wonder that I love kids).
And those are just the major things.  lol.  (seriously though).  Well, that's my life lately.  But I'm determined to stay joyful, hopeful, not let the joy of the Lord be taken from me and keep going strong! 

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