Monday, October 19, 2009

News and (not so) random thoughts

I must say, I am very excited about the team I am on going to India. It's a group of people who are trying to live out their faith, be flexible, understanding, as well as match their faith with action! We had a great meeting this weekend. And I am so excited about the concert this week and how the team is stepping up there as well! I had a great time at lunch with my dad's side of the family yesterday (where the women definitely outnumber the men... haha). In other family news, my grandma on my mom's side went home Friday and is doing better...they released her because the medication seemed to have finally got out of her system. And praise the Lord that the whole time she was able to get up and work on her knee when she needed to and her knee is doing remarkably, because that could have been bad as well. I also got news this weekend that another friend of mine is engaged! Congrats Jen & Cody!!! My first thought is that I am really so excited and my second is "bring it on weddings!" because now two good friends of mine are engaged and I have the feeling that this is a trend that will be continuing for a while. It's exciting for me...I feel all grown up to have friends making such adult decisions and find such great spouses to spend the rest of their lives with. It's also fun to talk wedding stuff (which I got to do with Lauren last night...can't believe her wedding is slightly less than 5 months away). Something else I'm looking forward to is having my sisters visit this week. They're visiting from Sacramento & Chico. Haven't seen then in a while now, which is definitely weird for my family. Well, goodnight and much love!!! XOXOXO

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