Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where's Brittani????

If you haven't noticed...I've been absent for the last 2 weeks. I didn't even realize that it's been that long since I've written a blog post, because things have been that busy. I've been babysitting like a crazy woman. And as if my life wasn't already busy enough, things for the India trip are in full swing. This includes a concert at Rockharbor Church with Molly Jenson & The Pawnshop Kings!!! I'm spearheading it and it's next Thursday, October 22nd. It's so awesome and I can't believe it's actually happening! What a new experience for me to be leading this trip and planning a church-wide concert! I pray that my agenda does not get in the way of having an amazing concert that helps support our trip and Harvest India. Because I know that with the flooding happening right now in India, a God size task is needed. I am also amazed that I am able to go right after this flooding has happened and the whole team can go and help in so many needed ways. If you could be praying for all of that it would be so greatly appreciated. Also, my mom drove to Arizona 2 days ago to be with my grandma (who had knee surgery) becauseof complications with surgery and the medications administered to my grandma. She's slowly getting better but to me it's kind of weird because a lot of details and answers haven't been given to my mom & grandpa about what exactly happened. They do know she was basically given too much medication and say it happens and depending on the type of person they can go kind of "in and out of it" so to speak...meaning my grandma has had a couple weird hallucinations. But they plan on discharging her either today or tomorrow. Well, I am truly tired but if you could make it out to the MOLLY JENSON & PAWNSHOP KINGS concert on OCTOBER 22ND that would be great!!!! Much love to you all! :) Oh, and here is this poster/flyer that I created for the concert...isn't it just so artsy and lovely and vibrant (and an absolutely stunning picture of Molly --and the Pawnshop Kings)??? I love it. Of course they aren't pictures I took, but I can't believe I was able to do something like that... I really am not the creative, remember? I'm the science nerd in my family (with the glasses & all...haha)


Amanda Lane said...

Nice! I really hope the event went well. That's a big thing to coordinate! I am sure you did a great job!

Brittani's Blog said...

Thanks Amanda! You are sweet! It did go well and we also got a lot of flood relief donations from people who couldn't make it to the concert. I'll keep updates on this blog & can't wait to see you at your baby shower(always fun to see you and go to your parents-- haha)!