Thursday, June 17, 2010

They got nothing on you baby

So, on my brothers birthday last month I took him to his youth group (because his birthday was on a Sunday) and hung out with him afterwards (which included taking him to his favorite restaurant Wingnuts). During that time, I got this jewel. Folks, this is why I love my brother. He takes control of the radio in any car he is in, and finds a good song he feels he can dance to. :) Never a dull moment with my Bubba. I love him so! (p.s., we were basically at a stop light for most of the video, and the other half I was paying attention to driving and just holding my camera out. p.s.s., don't mind me and trying to say something clever...couldn't even spit out "break your moves out") :)

1 comment:

Randomness said...

They got NOTHING on you, baby! ;)

Love the video. I laughed at exactly the same time as you did. So funny!