Sunday, August 1, 2010

stream of consciousness post & the funny things kids say!

what a crazy two weeks...I've been really busy with working, school, being apart of India ministries, family birthdays & a little hiccup with my car. But, I am amazed at how God has put things in my path to make me stop & depend, seek and rely on Him. And also, how wonderfully God has provided. He is amazing! School is going well. I'm taking a nutrition class that I'm enjoying a lot. Lots of cool things are happening...I am able to see so many ways that God is working in my life.
Something very cool things that happened this week was celebrating my dad's birthday on Friday; and after we got home to my parents house my dad wanted to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I wanted to go with's always fun to walk and chat with my dad (especially on a a lovely evening, and on his birthday none-the-less). He is so awesome to talk to, and just gets you fired up! I left encouraged, stretched & on fire at the same time.
Also, last Sunday I was volunteering videotaping the sermons. After the 7pm service, this good looking young man with an English accent comes up to "The Booth" (the back of the church where the cameras are and music mixing equipment etc.) and introduces himself as a pastor from South Africa who is in the States for 6 weeks meeting with churches to gain knowledge/wisdom for his own church in S.A.; He had all kinds of questions about how the services are put together and organized and planned etc. He was so enthusiastic and wanting to seek knowledge. We also talked about South Africa and how I have two friends there right now with an organization called Bridges of Hope, and he knew about it. I also told him about an dear English teacher I had who was born & raised in S.A. and would travel back every year. And there were several times she would speak Afrikaans to us in class. She was an exceptional teacher who I have lots of memories about her class. It just so happens that the person who is in charge of the weekend services (Jen) had just come back to the Booth...she is normally so busy that she doesn't do that, or she isn't at the 7pm service. I took a chance and introduced the two of them to each other. We talked for a while more and I could tell we were all excited & the S.A. guy was so humble & so awesome to talk with. After he left, Jen thanked me for pulling her aside to talk with him, and we both though it was totally God that all that happened. It was so cool to be used by God in that situation, and to be apart of seeing how big He is!
Well, I will leave you all with some funny kid quotes:

  • a 5 year old girl I sit for is very witty and spunky...I was helping her get ready for bed and wash her hair and when I was going to rinse out conditioner and told her to "look up at the sky". She immediately said "it's not the sky, it's the ceiling". The next time I helper her wash her hair, she said the same thing. She'll correct me every time I say "look up at the sky", so now I just say "look up at the ceiling".
  • a 2 year old little girl & 5 year old her sister were telling each other they were pretty at the dinner table and then asking if they thought other people were pretty (their mom, grandma & friends etc). Half-way during dinner the 5 year old was upset about having to eat a quesadilla with beans. The 3 yr old looks over at her sister and says "sister, it's okay. You're pretty". It was her little way of saying don't worry sister. Don't sweat it.
  • the 5 yr old mentioned above was talking to me about her friends dog. I ask what kind of dog it is. She says "I can't remember. It's either a really small Chihuahua, or a bull dog" thoughts were "that clears things up" :)
  • one last one :) ... the 5 year old again, was playing and her 3 year old sister took something of hers and she gets upset and says "you can't play with that! It's from Marshall's and it's special"

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