Thursday, February 24, 2011

Razzle Dazzle

Things are in a very interesting spot for me. But in a good way. I've been having a little more down time, which has taken some getting use to for me. This has also been a big time of learning for me. Mostly learning about myself and refining things in my life. I've also had a desire to tap into things that I love. For example, playing a musical instrument & reading for pleasure. I will also try to write on the 'ole blog more. I really do enjoy writing. However, lately I've felt a little lacking in the inspiration department. But, I feel like it is coming back. Anyway, I want to leave y'all with some lyrics that hae struck me lately. Please read them. They are powerful!

Mercy's War: by Jon Foreman

I was looking for excuses
And you offered me my soul
In the name of all my weakness
In the name of rock ‘n roll

By His sickness I am healed
Cause they broke you I am whole
Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus

I went looking for the fig leaves
And you asked me what they’re for
I was building up a wall
And you offered me a door

I was hoping for silver spoons
But you handed me a sword
Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus

Maker is unmade
Love succumbs to hate
Life Himself is slain
Is death the only way?
Is death the only way?

I went looking for religion
Absolutely not a friend
I went looking for ways out
And you showed me the way in

I went looking for a ghost
And instead I found a man
Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus

Felt like I was at the end
Felt like giving up on life
I talked about your mother
And denied you once or twice

Yeah I plucked out your beard
Put a sword into your side
Oh the wonderful of Jesus

Life and love are torn
By the blades of earthly swords
We cut the final cord
This is mercy’s war
It’s mercy’s war

I was just chasing after safety
When my world went up in flames
I saw my defenses
Washed my ashes down the drain

I thought mercy was a stranger
But you called me out by name
Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus

Your wounds are gaping open
Couldn’t recognize you at first
And all I had to offer you
Was an insult or a curse

Blood dripped down like poison
On the nauseated earth
Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus
Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus

This is mercy’s war
This is mercy’s war
Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus

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