Sunday, February 20, 2011

wrapping it up...but don't worry, I won't rap

Here's the second half of my writing about the trip to India. I'm sorry it's taken me so long. It's been one of those things that has gotten put on the back burner a little bit. But, here it is...finally! :)

Day 7 : The team I was on went to a Mercy Camp, that was literally down the street from where our house was. We served the homeless, poor and people in the lowest caste. But we had such an amazing time! The mercy camp was held outside a Harvest India medical center, which we got to see as well. We also did a quick visit with nursing students at the nursing school next to the medical center. I just love those women. The give me so much inspiration and joy. Then, we visited the red-light district as the entire team. It was interesting to see the same faces and people. And difficult. Each time I've gone, I've seen the same women and men who are the main pimps. But, I know that God is still working in the lives of people living there. God has put it on the hearts of Suresh and his wife and staff to continue helping people there and being used by God there. After this we visited the Hope Home. This is a home for people suffering with HIV/AIDS. Just a year ago, it was getting finished being built, and now it is in full force. At this point, I was beginning to fade out & feel beyond tired. The only way I could describe is it that I couldn't keep my eyes open and I felt like an infant who could could not stay awake. But we had to press on to an elderly home. That was a little challenging for me because of the tiredness, but also because I had hoped to go to an elderly home I've visited each time before. But it was a new one that Harvest India built. It was lovely though, and the people were beautiful and so welcoming. And we all prayed together. We went home after this and I just wanted to sleep! BAD! I couldn't. We were having dinner and then I had to get ready to go the the other house and get ready for our first night of outreach, and due to another team member being sick I had to step in and play one of the main roles. I got the news we'd have about an hour of down time. Score! I slept for that sweet hour. I woke up, and felt great. But then 5 minutes later I felt tired again and nauseous. I hBoldad a few women on the team pray for me. I took some Tylenol. But as a lovely India women was helping put my sari on, I was holding onto the wall for dear life to hold myself up, and I was having hot sweats. I decided to ride in the air conditioned car to the outreach, and I listened to Jon Foreman's solo music and drank water. Two songs in and I felt like God had lifted it all! And the outreach was amazing! A women was even healed of back and hip problems.
Day 8 I actually stayed home to take care of some sick people on the team. I got to spend time journaling and talking with John Brokenshire when I wasn't taking care of anyone. The team, however, did a clean water well dedication and visited the village and school where the water well was being dedicated. Then we had another outreach that evening where I played the main character of our skit.
Day 9 First, our team did a water well dedication. We also went to a medical camp, which was crazy chaotic. People were pushy to get needed medicine. I got to take pictures because a team member was sick. But I loved taking the pictures! :) We also ate lunch at the Harvest India electrician's house. I know it sounds random, but people are so hospitable there and want to have the opportunity for us to be in their home and fellowship with them. We feel the same way! In the evening, we went to a village close to the water well we dedicated earlier in the day to pass out Gospel tracks and go "hut to hut" to the people of the village. It was encouraging for both the people there and for our team. It was a crazy time though to be in this remote village with bats flying around and snakes coming out of the ground that the men smash and tell us not to go near. You find out what you are afraid of quickly, and also realized that only God and prayer are the things that will save you of anything unsafe!
Day 10 We got up bright and early to go on a field trip with the three oldest classes at the Rockharbor orphanage. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to take them on their first field trip ever. We were all ecstatic. We drove four hours to get to a dam that had an island. On that island was an Indian history museum. So cool. And much bonding with the kids and the staff of Harvest India was had. There was even a little dance party on the boat ride back. The India boys can dance :) Right next to the dam, was a Harvest India orphanage. They took us in for a quick dinner. But I would honestly have to say it was one of the most precious moments. One that brought me to tears. As we were eating our meal outside, the 20 orphans who live there sang songs in English to us. They were like angels. I cried, because of the sweetness and innocence of it and how I felt so much love for the kids. We reciprocated by singing to them after. We got in to the hotel in Hyderabad late, but what a day!
Day 11 We debriefed as a team and bonded even more in the morning, after an American breakfast buffet! Afterwards, we spent time shopping at the Charminar Bizarre. Fun times were had all around buying fun Indian gifts and trinkets. We had an early night in because we had to be at the airport at 4:30AM.
Day 12 Wake up call at 2:45AM...eating KFC in India for breakfast, all before 7:30AM. But I slept so well on the way home and we had no delays coming home.

Phew! I hope you all enjoyed! :)

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