Saturday, April 9, 2011

A post on good weekends and things that are pretty great!

Today is a good day. One where I can sit and be still. One that is filled with things that restore me. It all started with a Tyrone Wells concert last night after seeing friends who were freshly engaged (just hours before). A great start to a weekend. I feel very introspective today, but in a good way. It's a weekend with the perfect amount of spending time with some truly great people, doing things I love, and also spending time in quiet. Just for fun I thought that I would show you some of the most popular searches that lead to my blog. It's good stuff if you ask me.

  • a search for: "Beyond ackward things to say"
  • a search for: "Where does the phrase “round and round it goes” come from?
  • a search for: "Rockharbor nannies"
  • a search for: "Funny stream of consciousness"
  • a search for: "the cuteness is killing me"
  • also, my posted titled "I was like, baby, baby, baby, oh" is a popular one...I'd like to know who is searching for that. hehe
Have a great weekend everyone! May you be blessed in it!

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