Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Somethin'

I've been so busy with life that I haven't blogged...but I also haven't had very much to formulate a blog post about. I will go ahead a tell you that I am having an MRI on my heart on Monday, and then the cardiologist appointment on Friday. Would love the prayers! I already feel like I've been covered in prayer, but I know that they are so powerful, and are helping me continue having peace and go with confidence that the Lord is lighting my path. He has up until this point, so why would He not continue doing so? I will leave you with a picture, and I will be back writing soon. And I'll also let you know the results of my tests!

These are pictures from the Turner Syndrome conference...I know I've told you lots about it, but now you can see the awesomeness that it was for yourself!

This little girl, along with her mom and sister attended the TS conference. She has TS...her momma brought a nice camera, and she saw mine and wanted to use it. Right after I took this picture, I let her take some pictures on it.
She took this picture of me...I think it's pretty cute. I know it seems vain to put up a picture of myself up on here, but I wanted to show off her photo skills! She was so cute, and very much wanted my camera.

This is Emily and me. I met Emily 7 years ago at a TS camp. She was my camp counselor. Emily is beautiful on the inside and out, and is a friend to all she meets. She helped a lot with the logistics of the conference. She is very dear to my heart, and I know we will be lifelong friends. We were on the dance floor in this picture, naturally! :)

This is Natalie and me. We met in person for the first time actually at the airport getting a shuttle to the conference airport. We'd been internet friends for a while, but we new who each other were right away. It was fate that our planes landed about the same time in Buffalo :)

Here are some of the dad's groovin' on the dance floor, having fun too!


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