Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Week Has Kicked My Butt...But All Is Well That Ends Well

For me personally, this week feels like it has sort of kicked my butt. There, I said it. Partly because it's been jammed packed. And because the stuff that it's been jammed packed with has been significant stuff. It has actually been a big week for me. I will say though, that I have felt God carry me through it. I have also had His truth spoken into my life every day of it. I had an MRI of my heart on Monday. I had to go to UCLA Medical Center for it. Where I had to take the day off work, and pay $12 to park in Los Angeles. It's true what they say, nobody walks in L.A.. I must say, the MRI was something that I tolerated pretty well. But, of course it's not something I want to have done all the time. My lovely roommate came with me to UCLA. We both thought it was hysterical how BIG the gown and pajama bottoms were on me, so she snapped a picture. Here is a slightly embarrassing photo of me. You are welcome.

After the MRI, we decided to walk across the street to Ditty Riece. It's a homemade ice cream sandwich shop. And let me tell you, it was good. Even the picture makes it look tantalizing.

The following day I had class after work. I am so excited about being in school! (I am a nerd, I know. It's something I love about myself though :) ) After getting out of class on Tuesday night, I drove to L.A. to see a concert that I couldn't miss. That would be drive number two to L.A. in 2 days. As if I didn't already have a busy week, and enough of my plate. But, the concert was so fun. And sometimes, you have a jampacked schedule. My friend Cynthia and I had a blast. It was Fiction Family (which is another band Jon Foreman from Switchfoot is in, of course), and the Pawnshop Kings. There was so much talent! I also had lots of fun taking pictures.

Yesterday was the big day. I got the results from my MRI, and saw a cardiologist at UCLA. In case you were keeping track, that is drive #3 to L.A. this week. I found out that part of my aorta is enlarged. It's at a concerning point, but I am not in the "red zone". The cardiologist is putting me on beta blockers to prevent it from getting any bigger. I am so grateful that I found this out, and all because I went to the Turner Sydrome conference! I know that it is totally God orchestrating all of it.

Right now, I am relaxing poolside as I house sit in Coto de Caza for the long labor day weekend. What a nice way to end this week. Cheers!

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