Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks

I am no longer in a tryptophan coma, and I decided to do an update about things to do with India.  I am so relieved, blessed and excited to find out that my visa went through! (and it has been mailed to me by the India consulate).  There's no stopping me from going now!  Unfortunately, I don't have a support update, but our next meeting is a week from Sunday (which is December 7th) but I have a feeling that I will be done or just about done raising support!  It really has been so amazing to receive so much help and support!  The countdown to India is now 28 days!  Oh my goodness!  That's so soon.  I can't believe it.  It's coming upon me quick.  I'm still working on memorizing verses and staying consistent in reading the Bible and talking to our Father to prepare my own heart too.  He's done some amazing things.  The fact that so much is going well shows me His goodness and that I am suppose to be going and the timing of me going is right on (which then makes me excited for the rest of my future to happen soon too;  I say that just because I have a sense that this timing is happening fast because the Lord also wants to give me my desires...nursing school and such).  Also, a few days ago there was a bombing in Mumbai, India and a hostage situation at a hotel there.  It's definitely very sad, but just know that Andrah Pradesh is on the entire other side of the country from where I'm traveling to.  But prayers for the country, the people's safety and our team's safety of course doesn't go unnoticed and are so appreciated. :)  
In other news, this week was Thanksgiving!  And I have so much to be thankful for!  I enjoyed spending time with GG & Papa, and the rest of the gang down in San Clamente for Thanksgiving.  I laughed a lot, got to do a photo session of my bro, dad and cousin surfing, and the family all participated in some fierce Wii bowling and tennis.  Oh yeah, and eat some yummy turkey, potatoes, stuffing (yum!) and Michelle Belle's "Derby Pie".  Definitely no regrets about the extra calories.  I'll leave y'all with some funny babysitting stories/quotes from earlier this week.  But before that, if y'all could be praying for the team going to India, pray against any kind of spiritual warfare going on (because there is some going on for the whole team) and all of our support, being a witness to people in the States about us going, and for our time we are going to be spending there.  

1)A little six year old girl told me "my dad's coming to our class Thanksgiving meal because he likes to eat" 
2) same six year old girl and her friend wanting to use an eraser, so they draw on paper with a pen then ask me why it's not erasing
3) A two year old girl saying "thanks ladies" to me and her four year old brother
4) Same two year old girl was having trouble dressing herself and got upset if I tried to help her so I said "it's alright, I'm just trying to help".  Later that day she got her little play purse wound in a slinky (don't know how) but I said "I can fix it" and she said "it's okay Brittani, I just tried to help" about getting the purse caught in the slinky (she's a little cutie)

Love, peace, blessings and let Christmas time begin!

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