Monday, August 24, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

So, I've decided to do a quick post with some funny phrases I've witnessed lately by the kids I babysit for...they're quite entertaining! (At least I think so)

  • a 4 year old boy I babysit is playing with his neighbor (who is a three year old girl...and she has a major crush on him and I am pretty sure he kind of likes her)...they're playing in her play house and the little boy walks out the door and says "Okay, I'm gonna leave and come back.  And you're gonna be bad at me because I was late for work"
  • a 2 year old girl referencing things as "it's the best in the parade"
  • same little two year old girl introducing me to her mom as "this is my friend, mom" (this is after I've babysat her a few times by the way)
  • I was watching another little 4 year old boy & his 3 year old sister.  I was feeding them dinner & the little girl spilt apple sauce on the floor.  She started to cry a little because she was tired already.  I tell her "It's ok Em, I can clean it up and get you more applesauce".  I clean it up & then her 4 year old brother then follows me into the kitchen and says "Burney, thanks for picking up my sisters mess".   He pronounce my name "Burney"  like "burr" and "knee" since he 1 or 2 and it's stuck ever since.
Good night :)

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Randomness said...

Love it!

Did Saya introduce her mom as "her friend?" Her introductions would be: "Hi, my name is Saya and this is my friend, Stephanie." LOL :)