Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Smorgosborg of things!!!

What a crazy and long couple of weeks it's been! Sorry that I haven't posted in a while...there has been a lot going on for sure! I have been working at the temp job for almost a month now (am in the middle of week 3) and I'm so grateful for it! It's entirely scanning documents and then saving them on an electronic database. Thousands of files! There's loads of work to be done. Also, babysitting on the side has picked up quite a lot, which is good for when the job does end. Anyway, the exciting event that has just happened was the Molly Jenson concert to benefit my trip to India! I felt like it went well! Molly was awesome, a good number of people showed up and everyone had a blast! It help out a lot! And, it was a good send off for my little sister Kori (because she left for college at Chico State the next day---so bittersweet). I am still planning on babysitting right now and hoping for a part time job too to supplement but it's hard to find, and it's definitely not easy working 40 hours a week and then going to babysit or tutor (or both in one day sometimes!!!!) and try and job search. I am also contemplating staying in my current living situation because the lease is up October 1st...it would be nice to be in a place where I can save money is all I'll say about that for now (because there are so many things I can go into detail about in terms of my living situation as well as me saving money right now, believe me). So, I think that's about it folks...I'll leave you with some pictures from the Molly Jenson concert thanks to the lovely and talented photographer Kristi Clark :) Peace & much love!!!

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