Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kids say the funniest things - Part 2

Here are some more funny things that kids have said while babysitting the last couple days:
  • The same four year old who told me thanks for cleaning up his sisters mess told his mom this week when she arrived back at home that before I left I needed to teach her how to take the crust off his sandwiches because I do it "really good".  He was really excited about my crustless turkey sandwiches.
  • I was playing outside with the same four year old boy and his sister.  I guess he sneezed on her goldfish and the little sister said "Brittani, he blessed you on my goldfish!".  
  • A four year old little girl I babysit tonight was adamant about wearing two t-shirts together today in the sweltering heat.  And then later on in the evening she made the comment "you are wearing two shirts" I was wearing a camisole and light v-neck tee.  Too cute.  Made me think of her as even more cute :)

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