Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Family Time

So, this week has already been really busy (what week isn't busy for me usually????) On top of working a lot, I've been spending time with the family because we've been video chatting with my 'lil sis in Chico, CA. This was my brilliant idea that she "poo-pooed" when she left for college about 5 weeks ago...however, homesickness has set in and now she thinks it's the most awesome thing in the world (which it is totally up there). It's been awesome to see her beautiful face and see her feel better to see us and talk with us here in Orange County. :) Other things that have been occupying my time is something of the type that would create a lot of change in my life. It's not drastic and it's something that is not even in the stages of happening. I'm entertaining the idea of moving into a place with my own room...this is because rent has increased at the place I'm living and I feel I'm paying too much to share a room. I've been looking and have found some places that are just about the amount that I'm paying for rent but it'd be my own room. Anyway, I'll leave y'all with a video of my dad & brother playing ping-pong with their new ping-pong table. Sorry that the quality is really bad...I had my camera but the battery was dead so this is with my phone. Notice the part where my brother says "I own dad". Much love! ~B

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