Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a start! :)

A little victory on my side of the blogosphere :) I actually am writing a post in less than two weeks after my last one. Man oh man, it's been a crazy week. I am amazed though at how much God has provided tremendously. I've had a good amount of extra time off this week and was a little worried about I'd be able to make up the work that I was missing; and amazingly my schedule became filled with plenty of work. Also, I've been having an awesome experience with the India Ministries. Awesome time planning for the December trip, awesome to have a community in the ministry of serving India, awesome to meet together to pray and worship our Maker, and I'm learning and growing a lot by participating in this ministry & growing close with people you are doing ministry with and speaking into each others lives.

It's also been interesting because since the last time I blogged, I haven't been able to register for classes to finish my pre-req's for grad school. I'm's not fun to go through this tons of times. Feels like I'm a hamster that keeps spinning in it's wheel not really going anywhere. A couple friends of mine have encouraged me to look for options out of state--specifically the Pacific Northwest because it doesn't seem (very tempting Steph & Ashley, very tempting :)

Onward and upward...I have had some time the past week or two to begin reading a book that I am very excited about. I'm excited about it because a dear friend of mine (who is also my roommate since April) is very involved and invested in this book. It's written by her mentor and very good and dear friend. She is also basically the Publicist for this book...however, this is all done by volunteering her time. Because the author as well as the group of people involved with the making/publicity of this believe in spreading the message of this book that much, what they believe can be done through this book, and because of the impact the writer of the book (Preston Gillham) has had on their lives. It's been so rewarding to even hear/witness all of this firsthand. I've started reading the book and am impressed. But, I would love for you all who read my blog to read it for yourselves. Here's the website to the book, where you can also download a FREE (!!!) digital copy! Amazing! For the link to the free electronic copy or info about the book and author click here or click on the image below. I will definitely be writing more about the book as I "chew" on it more and also get more into the meat of the book as I'm sure I'll have some things I've gotten from it and would love to share (and also hear from you if any of you'd like to read it as well and discuss it with me! I think that'd be awesome!!!)
For lack of better words of my own, here's the books synopsis:

No Mercy is a sweeping adventure of life, love, trust, and desire—an odyssey asserting that real life is more than meets the eye.

Hank Henderson thought he was going on vacation to Montana, but his brother had something else in mind. Hank’s life soon dangles on the precipice of disaster.

Disoriented. Injured. His resources depleted, Hank is caught between powerful forces. One is dark, aggressive, and powerful. The other, of questionable integrity, appears Hank’s only option for freedom.

From his placid fishing of Malden Creek into a dungeon of double-dealing, Hank crosses swollen rivers, scales blizzard strewn heights, and discovers more than he bargained for in an unlikely ally.

His hope dependent upon a hesitant trust, Hank gambles to emerge from
a transformed person.

Many blessings!!!

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