Monday, September 6, 2010

What's been going on/update/stream of consciousness

Wowzers...It's been about 3 weeks since my last post. Where has the time gone? There is definitely a lot that has been going on in my life...but what's new. I'm excited about it all though :)

I've been getting even more involved with India ministries now that our December team has met each other, and things are picking up with the trip. But seriously, the group of women that I'm coaching/shepherding through the trip are such a blessing to get to know, are amazing Christ followers, are so fired up about going & are such a great dynamic together (we have a college student, a special education therapist/teacher, a lawyer and an engineer--and then me, the nanny/student). They are a wonderful bunch, and I'm having so much fun with them and getting to know them and all prepare to go on this trip together. For example, I had my first meet up with one of the girls on Monday of this week and we hiked for 2.5 hours but the time went by so fast and we had such good conversations and I'm so glad to have learned more about the people I'm shepherding. I've also been amazed at how awesome the leadership team is (in general) & how great we are coming along planning for this trip and working together. I've said it already, but it's been a joy and a blessing to be in ministry with the leadership team (those actually going on the trip as well as those staying "on base" at home). These are partially the reasons that I have not been posting because I have been busy
with these things and have been trying to be intentional with the relationships & community in my know, the real life people kind ;) ...nothing against the world wide web communities/friends, because I love that too :)

This past (Labor Day weekend) has also been a blast...and consisted of a little something I like to call the "away-cation" (to be said like "vacation" except take away the "vay" and substitute "away"). It was absolutely lovely :) My friend Stephanie was going to be in L.A. to house/cat sit for her brother & friend Cynthia was going to be in the production of Ragtime in L.A. on Saturday night. It was a match made in heaven. Stephanie and I left Orange County in the late morning on Saturday and made it to beautiful Playa Vista in time to soak up some sun at the relaxing pool (I even took a cat nap and read some of the book "No Mercy"!!) and also go to the cute/small but totally awesome farmers market. Then we went to dinner and saw Ragtime. It was a delight to see Cynthia perform so well in it, as well as watch a great play. Anyway, we spent the night in L.A. and the next morning went on a walk to Loyola Marymount University (which was only about a seven minute walk from Stephanie's brother's place). It was a little interesting and brought up some interesting emotions to walk the campus because I was suppose to go there for my undergraduate education....but I digress. Here are some pictures
just to show you for fun :)

Another thing that has been happening lately is some family stuff. My aunt (my moms sister) was in a car accident Aug 30th. She was pulling into her town-home complex making a left hand turn because the oncoming traffic was stopped and was also letting her through, but a car came speeding by in the side of the right lane and hit her. She actually has no physical injuries/scrapes/bruises, but she is however paralyzed on the left side of her body. All the scans/tests show no brain damage and that there is nothing "wrong" so to speak. In the last week and a half she's made a lot of progress and can move her face, toes, shoulder and elbow on her left side. She also gotten little nerve impulses in her back and can sometimes move her whole left arm, but has yet to move her left leg. Yesterday she got moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center. She had a pretty good day there today and it's suppose to be this intensive and very helpful rehab center, so we are so thankful for that. As all this has been taking place, I have really strongly felt the need/call for prayer. So, will you join me in prayer for my aunt? I know that it is only because of the prayer that has happened thus far that her body has had the restoration thus far. Pray for healing on her left side, and specifically arms and legs. God is alive and His power is in full force. I know this because I've been witness to other big healings that have happened in the name of Jesus Christ within the last few weeks. Thank you, and I will keep you all updated! :)

Well, thanks y'all for reading this lengthy post, but I hope that it satisfied your reading pleasures :) And I promise, I won't wait so long to write again!

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