Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I was like, baby, baby, baby, oh

I've been thinking about this past week a lot, because it's been quite funny and interesting. It started off last Monday with me planning to get off work and see my wonderful friend Kristi. Little did I know that she got a new puppy spur of the moment that day. She was going to Starbucks on her lunch break and there was a lady selling a litter of these adorable puppies outside. Kristi had been wanting a puppy for a while and in thelitter of puppies was one that she just couldn't leave behind. Interweb, meet Chai!

She's half Pekingese, half Shih Tzu. Chai is the sweetest, most well mannered puppy; and she's the biggest love bug. I'm a proud aunt :) The funny thing is that while I was hanging out with Kristi, my little sister text me with a picture of her new kitten she had just gotten. So, again interweb I want you to meet someone. Here's Peanut:

I got to actually meet Peanut because my sister came down from Chico to surprise the family and show everyone the kitty. She got in really late Friday night, so she actually stayed at my apartment and then I drove her to our family's house and she surprise everyone there. Here's a video of it ;) (I know it's not very bright or HD, but I think you can get the surprise element)

Another really huge thing that happened this week was that I got published on Rage Against The Minivan about having Turner Syndrome. It was powerful for me to even post on a blog, and to know Kristen, who writes the blog. She is such an example to me and I am blessed to know her family and get to spend a good amount of time with them. They are seriously something special. It was also powerful to witness what has come out sharing the post...more than I could expect. So encouraging and I just know God is using it for good :)

On Friday, I had a free evening I had a free night and had wanted to visit my friends who just had a baby. They are dear friends of mine (April & Nick) and it was their first baby. April had a C-section so was going to be in the hospital & I figured that she could use some extra company. Their little girl Ella is so precious and beautiful. Look at that hair!

I also worked a lot this week as well! But, it's such a blessing to have the provision of work. But, my heart is full and I have a smile on my face from being able to spend quality time with people I love and to also be filled with love (baby love) :)

p.s., the title of this post is dedicated to Steph and Amanda (and Owen) :)

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