Sunday, October 17, 2010

oh, poop!

So, in the last two weeks I've done a lot of babysitting. I've even done a few overnights one weekend. It all went well though...of course not without a few stories to tell. I warn you, there are no gory details but I will talk about bodily waste...I'm just sayin'.

One of the nights that I did an overnight, and I had made homemade pizza bagels. The kids loved 'em. I also let the kids have a tiny bit of ice cream (it seriously was a small portion size) afterwards because they ate well and also ate veggies. Of the four kids in the family I was sitting for, the 4 year old boy ate all his dinner plus an extra half of a pizza bagel. And boy, did he scarf down his Neapolitan ice cream I let him have. I got the kids in the bath, got them dressed in PJ's and relaxing in the living room. Then, the 4 year old boy threw up on the couch. Literally, it was one second he was smiling and laughing with no signs off feeling ill, and the next he upchucked his dinner. I quickly got a "throw up bowl" and took him into the bathroom. He finished throwing up as we got to the bathroom (I was sort of amazed and proud that he used the throw up bowl, btw). Luckily the couch cushion was the only thing that got touched with throw up, and it was removable so I took it off and washed it. I kept the little guy up for about 10 minutes and he was seeming really tired and groggy. I couldn't tell if he was really sick or ate to fast and/or the food didn't settle well with him. So, I put him to bed with the throw up bucket with confidence that he knew how to use it. Because he shared a room with his brother, I used a portable kids mattress in the house and had him sleep in my room with me. I went to bed a couple hours later and he hadn't thrown up or gotten up. Seemed good. He ended up sleeping through the night. I was relieved for him and happy it didn't turn to be anything worse. I heard him starting to wake up at about 7 in the morning and I woke up too. I asked him if he wanted to snuggle and he said yes (I figured if he hadn't been feeling good he'd want some affection or a hug that he'd normally get from his mom or dad). So he hopped into the bed I was sleeping on and we hugged and snuggled. He turned and looked at me and I asked him if he felt "good or yucky"? He said "good!". It's hard to explain at that moment the exact feeling I felt, but it was somewhere along the lines of what it would feel like to be a proud mama for him feeling better and me doing my best to handle the situation as well as comfort him the best I could, and also being thankful this sweet little boy was feeling better because I saw his little personality shine through again in that moment. :) What I was probably feeling was joy.
Another funny story from that week: I was babysitting a little girl who was having problems going to the bathroom. Her mom asked me to not feed her certain things and make sure she ate other things. And she also asked to let her know if there was any "movement". After the little girls nap, she did go to the bathroom. So, after she was done etc., I texted her mom "S went poo! It was rounds, but it was a good amount". Now, before you come to any conclusions about me or this text, please be advised that I knew the mom would text me back and ask for details so I included them to begin with. About an hour goes by and the mom didn't text me back, which I thought was unusual. So, I check my text and low and behold I text the wrong person that same message. Holy backpedal Batman! Luckily, the person I sent it to was a 1) mother, and 2)just about 2-3 weeks earlier had the same problems with her daughter too. Needless to say, the three of us all had a good laugh about it.

Hopefully these stories didn't gross you out too much, and were entertaining. All these things begin to make me feel like I have a lot of notches on my "mom belt" and I don't even have kids of my own. Haha. It's all preparation then, I guess :)

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