Saturday, December 4, 2010

A roadtrip picture post :)

A (week) long awaited post about my roadtrip to Denver. I'm so proud of my friend Stephanie, for taking a leap of faith to move outside of California on her own, and begin a life as a therapist/social worker. She's already gotten so many great opportunities in Colorado. Early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving, we left for a 19 hour drive. Stephanie was excited, see.
Her car was filled to the max :)
And, while Stephanie drive I loved taking pictures with my new camera. Happiness!
We drove through Arizona...a land of beautiful mountains. The architecture of nature is just amazing, isn't it?
Then we went through New Mexico all on the 1st day. (Do you see the "Welcome to New Mexico" sign?...yeah, I wasn't quick enough with my camera once we noticed the sign)
And saw a beautiful sunset with gorgeous land around us.
After 12 hours of driving, we stayed overnight in Albuquerque. (a little guide from our hotel room)
Then, we got up the next morning to head to Colorado! (Not without a little car maintenance 1st...but such is life). In Colorado Springs we visited a Cracker Barrel. This was a 1st for me.
Can you tell that I had fun taking pictures in the store? I love their displays!

One night, we went out for a night on the town (Denver style, that is) :)

we also celebrated my birthday (a few days after the fact) at Maggiano's :) yum!
And I'll leave you with this video we took when it started to snow as we were leaving downtown Denver...I know, I'm such a nerd in it. But I still think it's a fun video.

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Amanda Lane said...

Looks like a fun trip! I love the pics! I totally would have come with you guys if I could have :)
Maggianos... Good choice! Can you eat at Cracker Barrel? (I'm all about the food, hehe.)