Friday, November 26, 2010

On being thankful...and a roadtrip

Yesterday was Thanksgiving if you didn't know that :) And I'm still thankful today...for my freedom, this country, my family being together, for all the blessings that I've endlessly been given, for having a job, friends, health and so many more! I am so thankful and fortunate. (Of course that isn't to say that there are some things that happen that are unfortunate and I have to work on within myself to be thankful for...but nothing is ever perfect so isn't being thankful more of a choice and a posture of the heart?) Anyway, it was a lovely day. I spent it going to the beach with my two sisters for a walk. And besides a little bit of wind, Newport
Beach was gorgeous. Then my mom & I decided to see a movie. We watched Morning Glory,
and boy was it funny and it has a funny story and it ended so well. Then, my dad made all of us
taco's for dinner.
Delicious! If there's one thing my family does right, it's taco's :)

Then we all watched a movie together...well, everyone except Peanut that is. Who'd much rather be exploring the house seeing if there's any good mischief to get into.
I also had fun playing with my new camera (and so did my brother)

I'm currently in a hotel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico en route to Denver, Colorado. I'm helping my very good friend Stephanie move to Denver. Here's a sneak peak at our trip so far. Isn't our country just beautiful!

(p.s., can you find me in this picture?)

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