Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting around to it

Here are some India pictures from this trip. I love, love, love them! They remind me so vividly of the trip. I know I've been bad at posting about the trip. I've been too busy, too tired and have also had to take my computer in to the Apple store for some repairs. My Macky is good as new, so I plan on posting more about the trip tomorrow. I promise! :)

a beautiful girl from the orphanage
another beautiful girl from when we visited the public school
(can you spot me? haha. not to difficult, is it?) At the all girls college
Israel. a man who has leprosy, but is honestly the most joyful person i've met
me and 3/5's of the Kumars

here are children from a small harvest india orphanage. we gave them new clothes. they sang for us while we ate dinner at their orphanage. they had voices like angels, and were just so sweet and humble. it brough me to (beautiful tears). i didn't want to leave.
a vbs (making a fun movement to "chitty chitty happy ka")
a beautiful woman, who has leprosy, that i had the honor of meeting
suresh & i on the roof of the house. he loves the shades john b got him. joe cool :)
this, is my little sweetheart. his name (though i'm sure i spell it wrong) is jay-cee. in 2009, on my first trip, he was the littlest orphan. now he is learning and had a group of friends...something that wasn't there before because he was just so little, but it's such a good thing seeing him make these milestones!

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