Sunday, January 9, 2011

India love

I've been home for a whole day from India! I'm feeling like the adjustment for me is going a bit easier than my first trips. After my very first trip, I felt a lot of excitement and an emotional "high" because it was my first time out of the country, and the trip was so memorable...and because if I'm honest, my eyes weren't totally open during my trip in many ways. When I came home from my second trip, I feel the best description for my emotions was anger. This trip, I feel that so far I am definitely feeling emotions, but they aren't as powerful as they were last year. I'm feeling a lot of things right now, don't get me wrong. But the main thing that I feel is sad. Mostly because my eyes have been opened so much more this trip. At the same time though, it's not this overwhelming and intense emotion that is not good for me (which I think the anger I felt last year was). I think this is because some of the things that I did and witnessed in India have actually answered a few questions in my mind and given me clarity. I feel like I personally experienced spiritual warfare in India this time, but simultaneously I feel that God was really close to me and gave me that clarity.

I am so excited about all the ways that Harvest India is really blessing others and really living out the Gospel. And I'm so excited to be apart of it. I promise to write a blog post very soon with more details about the trip! I want to say the BIGGEST "THANK YOU!!!!!" to all the people who have supported this trip. Both my financial and prayer supporters. Know that I could not have done this without you, and that your support has really been a blessing and I
have seen with my own eyes how your support has blessed the people of India too. Well, it's not even 9pm yet but I should start to get ready for bed. I'm such a party animal! Yeah, that's what I will account it to. :) Night y'all...or good morning if you are on India time!

I want to leave you with a picture of one of the most precious little ones that I've met in India. I've seen him each trip. He's my little love :) The first trip I went on he was only 2 or 3 and was the smallest orphan Harvest India took in. Now he's 4 or 5. His parents could not take care of him so they brought him to the school. His dad now works helping clean and maintain the Harvest India campus, so he gets to see his son. On the other trips, he would not participate in VBS or the events that the other Harvest India orphans did with our teams. He'd just be all alone outside playing with supervision by a teacher. But this year he did VSB, and I got to teach him Bible verses for 3 days. He was attentive and also had group of little friends who were well behaved :) And he was full of smiles. Bestill my heart.

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