Monday, February 16, 2009

Being Vigilant

Let me paint a picture for you (with words).  A 22 year old applying to grad school for nursing, taking demanding pre-req's for grad school at the same time, and also getting ready to go on a 10 day mission trip to India (which, by the way is 17 days away). I have a lot going on?  lol.  The funny thing is that this almost seems normal for me because I've always taken a lot on.  However, I don't want to take it lightly.  Yesterday I had it placed on my heart to be extra vigilant about all these things going on.  Making sure I am covered by God's Word at least once a day and I am also going to be fasting too sometime before I go to India.  I desire to do all of these things in order to grow in my relationship with the Lord, as well as honor Him and intercede in prayer for all of these things.  My question and call to any of you readers is, would you like to be vigilant with me?  In any way, shape of form.  I would appreciate it, and I know God hears it and sees it.  And, it would fill my heart so much if you wanted to let me know too, and we can be apart of something together.  Well, thanks guys and God bless.

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