Sunday, February 22, 2009

11 days to go!!!

It's just about 3:00pm, and I am tired!  Geez!  (Partly because someone in my house got up early for some reason today and made a lot of noise, and I couldn't go back to sleep from that...and the thing was that I noticed I actually hadn't moved from the position and spot I went to sleep...that's how soundly I was sleeping...a little bit annoying on a Sunday morning when I wanted to sleep in until a normal time.  The other part was that I was housesitting/dogsitting this past week and it went well but you can never sleep as well as your own house).  I had a marathon weekend so far of being commissioned at 3 church services for India.  That was really cool.  I felt covered in prayer by the whole congregation, and people I knew actually came up on stage and prayed over me.  I don't know why but I have this sense of really wanting to be in prayer for this trip, and in the Word.  Perhaps the fact that the last trip never happened is still lingering a little bit.  But I know that we are going this time!  Anyway, after the 3rd service commissioning we had a team meeting.  During which we talked about the trip and assembled gifts for the 450 orphans we're gonna visit!  We are really gonna have to jump right into praying for people and giving a mini message we have each prepared.  No holding back because we don't have the availability of watching the veterans go first.  Anyway, last minute we formed a little drama team and did a little run through of a skit that we were gonna do before.  It turned out ok, and pretty easy.  So, I am going to do some studying/schoolwork and then I have to record the video at the last two church services tonight.  What a crazy day!  Well, could you all be praying for the India teams hearts, our preparation, for the logistics of getting everything done in order to leave, our safety and health and that we would do a mighty work for the Kingdom!  And personally, for my tests before I leave and resting and getting everything done and staying in the Word and being revived and energized and renewed!  It really has been a pretty good week though...pretty relaxing and had lots of time for study.  And one of the coolest parts was starting cat dissections in my Anatomy lab!  At first I didn't want to do anything, I but on more of an "observer" role.  Haha.  Then the following day I got more into that was a big reassurance.  Well, shalom and love :)

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