Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Indian Life

Hi everyone! So, here's the latest post for the India team blog; but first I am having a great time! The people here are amazing! They are so generous and hospitable with the little they have. And they love Americans. Suresh and his wife Christina are great people, and I am enjoying staying at their house! I would say one of the funniest/coolest parts was last night when we got out in the crowd and prayed for people a man came up to me and I had played Satan in the skit that we did and he says "lucifer" and smiles and said it again. He totally got it and got the message. :) So, some prayer requests would be for team unity, joy, strength and rest. Also, for me specifically for rest and my health and ability to relate to and show Christ's love and compassion to the people. I sort of have a cold and bug bites on my arm (which everyone on the team basically has bug bites, but they're just itchy).

Hi everyone! We are very sorry for the lack of blogs the first 2 days. It was a little difficult at first being able to get the whole computer situation set up. But, the blogs will be coming hopefully everyday now. Here's a little recap of the first couple days.
Day 1 (Saturday)
We got into India at 4:30AM and Suresh's assistant Raj picked us all up at the airport. After about 24 hours traveling on a plane we had another 7-8 hours in the car to Suresh's house/Harvest India headquarters. The drive was pretty adventurous...going in and out of big cars to pass them, as well as the bicyclists, cows, monkeys and other animals. The road is a free for all. lol. When we drove up to Suresh's house and we greeting by about 20-30 people with garland. It was such an amazing welcome. Then the girls got fitted for our punjabi's and sari's and the guys got fitted for their "safari suits". We had an amazing "lunch" of curry chicken and then we had the rest of the day to rest, which was such a great idea on Suresh's part.

Day 2
We got up and had a wonderful India breakfast! (which we are all really enjoying the food here!) Then we went to two churches in villages about 30 minutes away. There Kevin gave a message, while Ashley, Bree, Alfred, Brittani and Krystal gave a little testimony or just shared a few words of encouragement from the Bible. We also sang two songs that we performed with the hand motions, and the congregation seemed to enjoy it. At the last church they were so generous and shared a meal with us. Then, last night we held an outreach at a village about minutes away(which is basically the only way we can describe the location.) :) We had a message, performed four songs and did a skit; and Kim and Connie gave their testimonies. Then we had an alter call and a lot of people gave their life to Christ! Then, we had a time to pray for people who were sick/need prayer and a lot of people were prayed for. After, the people were so generous and fed us a delicious dinner; during which Suresh had a woman come up to him who was prayed for at an outreach last month because she had a tumor in her abdomin and a week after she got prayer she went to the doctor and they cuold not find the tumor anymore! Praise God! On our drive home there was such thick fog (only in India) but our fearless drivers got us home safe! Thank you all for your prayers and keeping up with the team! More to come! God bless!

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