Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Last Day in Tenali!

Hi everyone. So, we are heading to Hyderabad this afternoon to spend the night because we have a 7:30am flight tomorrow. But yesterday we had a great day! We had lunch with some of the pastors who were in town from the Bible college. Then we went to another pastors conference; after that we went to the memorial site of Lolitha Kumar (Suresh and Sudheer's mom) and put flowers on her site. Then we went to the Bible College graduation which was such a celebration--children dancing, singing, fireworks and lots of joy! This morning we went to see the RH orphan children again and take pictures and do a lot of things to get ready for sponsorship by the RH congregation! It really means so much that RH supports them (and it really is such a small amount compared to what it costs here, it definitely an attainable thing to make happen and make a difference in these beautiful kids lives). We just were told that before we head to Hyderabad we have two water well dedications to attend! But, this will be the last blog until we reach LAX. God bless you all, thank you for the prayers and support!

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