Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad banana...bad, bad banana

Hi everyone! Here's the post from the team's blog. Everything is going well, and I am feeling better, and bug bites are getting better too! I'm so excited for what we're doing today!:

We had a great day yesterday, filled with lots of flowers and hugs and kisses! (First, the bad banana is a song the orphan kids sang that was so fun) We got up for breakfast and Suresh's staff made us Indian style banana pancakes, which were delicious! Then, we walk a little bit down the street while trying to dodge traffic and not get hit by cars, to where they were holding a Mercy camp where they pass out food to local people who do not have a means of getting food. We sangs songs with the people there and they loved singing "Yes Lord" and doing the hand motions. Suresh's staff had them line up and we gave each person an egg, bread and a banana. This is something that Harvest India does once a week in their village. Then right next to the Mercy Camp was the free medical clinic Harvest India has started and we prayed for the people receiving the free medical care. Then we walked just a little down the road to the nursing school for Dalith's (which are the lowest class in India). The school they have there is pretty well run and has a school lab with bones and microscopes just like an Anatomy class in the U.S.; the women there were beautiful and welcoming and joyful. Suresh's vision is to take these women in the lower class and provide a public nursing school that doesn't accept bribes to be accepted like government run schools. And it gives the woman a job where their lot in life is improved because nurses are respected and welcomed. After that we went to the red light district and spoke with people there who were living in a lot of poverty and some women there were former prostitutes working for Harvest India trying to help women in prostitution still. Then we went to two elderly homes and had lunch with them. And we gave them new sari's and spent time with them. The people had joy and were funny and spunky. Then we actually had a night home at Suresh's/Harvest India headquarters were we watched a Bollywood movie. It was fun and we are now ready for today's busy day. God bless!

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