Monday, April 13, 2009

My brother's a rock star

Here are some pics I took of my brother on Easter.  He is such an awesome young man.  I can't believe he'll be 12 years old next month.  I know I'm sounding like an older big sis, but I remember when he was two and loved the footlong gum.  I have a memory of him sitting in his car-seat trying to stuff the whole 6 feet of gum in his mouth; or when he took Cristina's swim goggles and swim cap (she was on swim team) and pretended like he was a professional swimmer in the bathtub; oh, or when he was maybe 3 and said when he grows up he wants to play for the Angels.   I just love spending time with him, and seeing how he's growing and maturing and becoming his own little person.  He's so smart, and so full of energy (lot's of energy!) and spunk.  So, I will even brag and say that he even build this huge ramp himself in three hours!  What a stud.  :)  Love ya, me, next month, D-land!   
p.s., there's a picture of our family dog, Bear.  He's half black lab, half Rottweiler.  He's such a love :) 

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thanks for puting me on the front ,,,,,,,,,,,,,love u//////////////////////////!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@###########$$$$$$$$%%^%%%%%%%%%%^ <3