Thursday, July 16, 2009


Happy Birthday sis!  Here's to 24 years of living! Geez we're getting old...remember the days when it was just me and you, and when mom would dress us alike?  And remember the times we shared a room together?  With the Little Mermaid Poster?  And me and you hanging out with Mark, Ryan, Robbie and Marcy?  Wow!  Or us driving down PCH in the BMW in high school?  And Shirley's Bagels before school?  Well, now we have awesome new chapters in our lives and  I am so proud of you and the beautiful woman you are!  You are a great sister!  Love you mucho!
(I know you don't like the picture of us in Sedona, but it's one of the only one's I have of us...and it's not that bad  :) ) 

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